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  • 17:47
    Four principles in striga management for a good rice harvest
  • 9:49
    Small-scale farmers in semi-arid areas use stone lines to slow down and harvest surface runoff during heavy rains
  • 15:00
    Farmers in Thailand and Vietnam show how to build a healthy soil for growing cassava on slopes
  • 12:20
    Cassava farmers in Thailand and Vietnam reduce soil erosion on sloping land by planting grass strips along contour lines
  • 13:20
    Beans can be planted between rows of maize before the maize is harvested
  • 9:09
    Farmers in Guatemala show how they improved their maize harvests, largely with fertilizer
  • 9:16
    Ploughing your soil less often will help to protect it from erosion
  • 9:17
    Some farmers in Uganda have started to use urine to recover soil fertility
  • 7:42
    WRUA’s bring together all users of a river catchment to manage the distribution of water in a fair and negotiated way
  • 6:36
    Self-help groups are formed by small-scale farmers to support each other when adopting certain land management practices