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  • 11:53
    Urea deep placement involves putting urea super granules at a certain depth a week after the paddy is transplanted
  • 6:50
    Practical techniques for managing date palm groves
  • 17:50
    Improve cassava production and grow a protein-rich legume crop on the same field
  • 20:00
    Crop intensification may require farmers to modify various aspects of their cropping system
  • 9:33
    A technique which has minimum mechanical soil disturbance, permanent organic soil cover and diversification of crops
  • 7:56
    Farmer and pastoralists interacting to utilize crop stubble and use the dung as manure
  • 6:58
    Farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) involves farmers selecting and pruning from living stumps of trees and seedlings
  • 6:50
    Techniques which can maximise the impact of limited resources to improve soil fertility and health
  • 8:20
    Trees within parkland help produce the framework for crops and livestock to flourish
  • 7:27
    Demi-lunes are earth embankments which capture runoff for improved yields