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  • 10:14
    Compost helps to fight the parasitic weed striga that attacks maize, millet, sorghum and rice in Africa and Asia
  • 19:59
    Crop intensification may require farmers to modify various aspects of their cropping system
  • 14:23
    Low-cost drip irrigation combined with urea super granules can increase your tomato production and double your profit
  • 9:40
    Micro-dosing consists of applying small quantities of nutrients that the plants need to each planting hole
  • 12:19
    Trees and livestock play a crucial role in obtaining a productive soil and crop
  • 9:10
    Intercropping a cereal crop with legumes is part of integrated striga and soil fertility management
  • 13:30
    How to keep your pineapple garden productive for at least six years by intercropping the pineapples with bananas and beans
  • 13:04
    How to make compost using earthworms, and increase soil fertility
  • 11:53
    Urea deep placement involves putting urea super granules at a certain depth a week after the paddy is transplanted
  • 6:50
    Practical techniques for managing date palm groves