How to scale agroecology

Special webinar marking the 10th anniversary of Access Agriculture
(Organised by Access Agriculture and the Agroecology Coalition)

25 October, 11.00 AM GMT / UTC

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Simultaneous interpretation services in French and Spanish will be available.

As part of its 10th anniversary celebration this year, Access Agriculture is organising a webinar on “How to scale agroecology” on 25 October 2022, in partnership with the Agroecology Coalition.

Since it started in 2012, Access Agriculture’s video-led learning approach has reached an estimated 90 million people, mainly smallholder farmers, in over 100 countries, enabling them to learn about agroecological principles, leading to improved rural livelihoods and sustainable food systems. The organisation is filling a unique and valuable niche in supporting horizontal farmer-to-farmer learning and the scaling of agroecology across the Global South.

The Agroecology Coalition vision envisages an inclusive food system based on the principles of agroecology. The Coalition is a major outcome of the UN Food Systems Summit held in September 2021, and has already over 113 members (39 countries and 74 organisations), committed to making agroecological transitions a widespread reality.

The objectives of the webinar are to celebrate the achievements of Access Agriculture in the last 10 years and help shape its future strategy as a global service provider and scaling agent to help mainstream agroecology and transition towards more resilient food systems.

The webinar will feature an eclectic line-up of distinguished speakers and panelists, including representatives from the Agroecology Coalition, FAO Family Farming Knowledge Platform, ANTHRA, Collaborative Crop Research Program at McKnight Foundation, PROLINNOVA, academia, community radio and TV stations, in addition to Access Agriculture.

How to scale agroecology
25 October, 11.00 AM GMT/UTC

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Time Session Title Speakers/Moderator
5 min Welcome Remarks
Moderator: Blessings Flao, Malawi & Southern Africa Co-ordinator, Access Agriculture
10 min Presentation
Strategies to amplify agroecology: Influencing mindsets and policy
Emile Frison, Interim Coordinator, Agroecology Coalition
10 min Presentation
Scaling agroecology with quality training videos and ICT tools
Josephine Rodgers, Executive Director, Access Agriculture
10 min Presentation
Partnerships and youth entrepreneurs to scale agroecology
Paul Van Mele, Director International Development, Access Agriculture
10 min Presentation
Farmer-to-farmer videos in a collaborative research network
Claire Nicklin, Regional Representative, Andes, Collaborative Crop Research Program at McKnight Foundation
20 min Panel discussion
Perspectives from partners on their experiences and insights with regard to Access Agriculture videos and scaling agroecology

Facilitator: Phil Malone, Communications Specialist, Access Agriculture


Carolina Maturana, Regional Consultant for Latin America and the Caribbean,
FAO Family Farming Knowledge Platform (FFKP)

Kris Wyckhuys, CEO, Chrysalis Consulting - Nature-based solutions for plant health, Hanoi, Vietnam

Nitya Ghotge, Director, Anthra - Livestock development & ethnoveterinary group, India

Simon Mutonga, Lecturer, Agricultural Education and Extension, Egerton University, Kenya

Hanuma Prasad Kaligotla, Community Radio Vishnu, Andhra Pradesh, India

Madalitso Mvula, Zodiak TV Broadcasting Station, Malawi

Jacob Wanyama, Eastern & Southern Africa Coordinator, PROmoting Local INNOVAtion (PROLINNOVA)

15 min Q & A Moderator: Blessings Flao
10 min Wrap up & Closing Phil Malone, Communications Specialist, Access Agriculture