Agtube is a new social media platform for rural people in developing countries, and all those with an interest in sustainable agriculture around the world. It is a place where you can upload and share your video clips in any language.

Agtube is an initiative of Access Agriculture, an international NGO that encourages the use of training videos to help farmers, pastoralists and rural businesses to improve their profits and livelihoods.

Agtube allows individuals and local communities to share their experiences and local innovations to inspire others in their country and across the world. Young or old, experienced or new to farming, tech-savvy or new to technology… Agtube wants to hear from you and your community!


Agtube has already created a ‘buzz’ among many people in agriculture. If your company or organisation is involved with rural businesses and development, Agtube can provide real opportunities to showcase your commitment to agriculture and rural communities.

If you are interested in sponsoring a section, or sections, of Agtube then please contact us at: