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Here are some useful apps and games on agricultural issues.


Through ECHOcommunity you can discover ideas, research, and training on a wide variety of subject matter pertaining to agriculture and community development.

Available on  Android and iPhone

e-Gopala is a multi-lingual mobile advisory application for Indian dairy farmers on animal nutrition, registration, ethno-veterinary medicine and animal sale. There is a mechanism to send alert and inform farmers about various government schemes.

Available for Android only.

iCow is a mobile phone based comprehensive agricultural platform designed for smallholder farmers. It enables them to optimise their production systems, access vital service providers within their ecosystems and feed back their needs and successes.

Available on USSD and Android.

Kurima Mari App is for all farmers and extension agents, bringing the information and contacts you need to improve and increase production in farming. There is specific information on crops and livestock, direct links to the experts in your area and tips on how to reach your market.

Available for Android only.


The mKisan Apps are part of a mobile-based agricultural advisory service for India. The platform offers a range of freely downloadable mobile apps on agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, soils, insurance and markets.

Available for Android only.

The Practical Answers App allows you to find, explore, and use innovative technologies in areas such as Agriculture, Disaster Risk Reduction, Water and Sanitation. Learn directly how to use and share these through social media.

Available for Android and on itunes


Rythunestham app completely encourages and helps farmers in organic farming. Only organic farming, no chemical farming.

Available for Android only.


The WOCAT SLM App introduces the subject of Sustainable Land Management (SLM). It illustrates how land users around the globe care for their land and maintain healthy natural resources: soils, water, and vegetation.

Available for itunes only.


WOCAT This serious game is aimed at helping players understand the links between farm components and farmer's activities, and know more about some agroecological practices and their effects on the sustainability of farming systems.