Burmese translations of videos available now

Author: Jeff Bentley

Agriculture is the source of livelihood for nearly 70 percent of the population of Myanmar. To strengthen communities and improve livelihoods in Myanmar, Helvetas, the Swiss development organisation, recently commissioned the translation into Burmese — the official language of Myanmar — of 30 farmer-to-farmer videos from Access Agriculture.

The 30 videos have been translated and posted online on the Access Agriculture video platform (www.accessagriculture.org) and are now accessible for extension staff, education institutes and rural people in Myanmar to freely download and share them. The videos cover sustainable rice production, soil and water management, agroecological methods for managing pests and diseases of groundnut, livestock management and farmers’ rights to save and use their own seed.

Access Agriculture has seen before that farmers like watching videos from other countries. They also find farmers on video convincing and begin to think of them as “our friends”.

These 30 videos translated into Burmese were originally filmed in India, Bangladesh, Malawi, Mali and Guatemala. As Myanmar opens up to the international community, Burmese farmers will find inspiration as they watch videos in their own language, featuring new friends from other countries as they discuss practical solutions to various problems with seed, rice and livestock.

Watch the videos

Watch or download the videos in Burmese for free.

The videos are also available in English and other languages.

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