• By making and selling soya cheese, rural women can earn an extra income
  • How to keep your pineapple garden productive for at least six years by intercropping the pineapples with bananas and beans
  • How to achieve the best density of soya bean plants in our field so we can get higher yields and incomes
  • Improve cassava production and grow a protein-rich legume crop on the same field
  • A pan-African voyage for students and development workers showing the principles of Integrated Soil Fertility Management
  • A technique which has minimum mechanical soil disturbance, permanent organic soil cover and diversification of crops
  • Mucuna is a creeping legume that produces abundant vines and leaves that fix nitrogen from the air
  • Legumes have many virtues, but it is often hard for farmers to get quality seed
  • Intercropping a cereal crop with legumes is part of integrated striga and soil fertility management