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Colile is a dynamic and passionate agricultural advisor and mentor, holding a Bachelor's degree in Agribusiness Management (Honours). With her African Entrepreneurial Action for Others Certificate in community engagement, Basic Principles of engine repairs, and completion of a course in agricultural contracting, she is well-equipped to empower farmers with skills and resources.

Colile gained invaluable experience during a two-year placement funded and facilitated by Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs. She worked in various roles, including general farm worker, Project Manager, Strategic Planner, Farm Manager, and Office Administrator. The farm she worked on was 52 hectares and housed 77 cattle, over 100 goats, and had a primary vegetable farming area of over 1 hectare. In addition, they bred fish for ornamental purposes.

Colile is the Director of Imbwewu Seed Supply, this company supplies indigenous grain crops like cow peas, bambara groundnut and mungbean. She also provides assistance in animal and plant production, along with report writing. Colile has successfully established a roadside market to support local farmers, and she envisions its growth into a local fresh produce market spot. She has also developed training materials and conducted business skills workshops to empower people in plant production and primary agriculture.

Colile is fluent in English, Xitsonga, SiSwati, and Tshivenda, enabling her to effectively communicate and engage with a diverse range of individuals and communities.

Through her expertise, dedication, and commitment to empowering farmers, Colile is making a substantial impact in the agricultural sector, contributing to the growth and development of local communities.

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Fish culture
Colile Queen Dlamini

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