Boletín informativo número 7 - febrero de 2021

Access Agriculture Panorama
No. 7 - February 2021
Natural ways to keep chickens healthy
New video from Access Agriculture - Natural ways to keep chickens healthy
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COVID-19 community support
Help us in raising funds for our current campaign to assist six young changemakers, who are visiting rural communities to share agricultural information in local languages. This is all the more important as recently many young people have left their studies or jobs in the city to go back to their rural homes. Find out more about these young entrepreneurs and help them to bring personal protective equipment (PPE) to rural populations to avoid the spread of Coronovirus. Donate Now!
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New videos 
117 new videos ( Arabic 13; Chichewa / Nyanja 4; Chitonga / Tonga 16; Dioula 18; Ewe 9; French 1; Kabyé 9; Luganda 4; Moba 3; Mooré 7; Persian / Farsi 1; Peulh Fulfuld 12; Portuguese 3; Tumbuka 5; ; and Wolof 12 ) have been posted on our platform They are freely downloadable as video (mp4), audio (mp3), mobile (video format 3gp) along with a one-page fact sheet with contact details for more information.
Grass strips against soil erosion
Contour hedgerows slow the speed of water coming down the slope and allow the water to infiltrate. They also allow the washed away soil and nutrients to settle out above the hedgerows. You can plant many different grasses, depending on what you need and what is locally available.

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Turning honey into money
Turning honey into money
Traditionally, honey was sold in the comb, but nowadays most consumers prefer honey that is extracted from the comb. This processed honey is clean and ready to use, and can be stored over a longer period of time. To ensure that honey keeps its quality, you have to respect three basic rules: harvest only honey that is mature; maintain high hygienic standards during harvesting and processing; and ensure that all equipment and packaging containers are clean and dry.

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Building a better fruit fly trap
The Mediterranean fruit fly is a worthy enemy. This pest, also known as the medfly, is widespread over the tropics, attacking and spoiling oranges, mangoes and many other fruits. Each female can lay 200 eggs in her brief lifetime—allowing rapid population growth. The medfly damages so much high value fruit, that many people would like to eradicate it entirely.
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Learning to grow soil-less fodder
Hydroponic farming – a system where plants are grown in water instead of soil – seems too high-tech and costly for smallholders in developing countries. But dairy farmers in the Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra have in recent years learnt to successfully produce quality green fodder using a simple low-cost hydroponic system.
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Patrick Ken Kalonde
Patrick Ken Kalonde obtained a bachelor’s degree in natural resources management (land and water) from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). He co-founded Youth for Environmental Development- working on the issue of marine litter. He is also a co-founder of Bunda Society of Innovators, a university club that act as a platform for nurturing innovations developed by students. He has strong passion to promote sustainable land management, permaculture and sheep farming for which he is proud to be an Access Agriculture Ambassador.
Ulrich Yaovi Savi
Winner of Access Agriculture January 2021 Quiz contest
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The  February 2021 Quiz will be open from 1-15 February 2021.
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