Bulletin numéro 11 - juin 2021

Access Agriculture Panorama
No. 11 - June 2021
Managing false smut of rice
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EcoAgtube Project Analytics
EcoAgtube (www.ecoagtube.org)
Introducing ‘Project Analytics’ dashboard
The EcoAgtube video platform is constantly getting upgraded based on subscribers’ preference. A ‘Project Analytics’ dashboard has been newly introduced for Project Managers to check the following data: (1) daily, monthly, yearly views of their project videos; (2) Views by category, and (3) Most viewed videos.
Project Managers can print the analytics information or save it as jpeg, pdf, csv, and xls file format.
Dear subscribers, if your Project relates to ecology and you want to create a Project video page on EcoAgtube, please send your request with details (Project name, description) to support@ecoagtube.org.
Young entrepreneurs in Malawi master smart technology
Young entrepreneurs in Malawi master smart technology
Seven youths belonging to four entrepreneur teams from Malawi were recently brought up to speed on the functions, mechanisms and use of a cutting-edge technology – the solar-powered Digisoft smart projector (containing all Access Agriculture farmer-training videos) – that they had won through the Access Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund initiative.
Call for young entrepreneurs in Rwanda 
Access Agriculture announces the launch of its Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund for Rwanda. Apply now! Present key ideas of a business proposal using a smart projector and your ideas can become reality. Win a smart projector! After registering on Access Agriculture website, you can access the form to submit your proposal.
Call for young entrepreneurs in Zambia
extended till 22 June 2021
We are now requesting young people in Zambia to propose innovative ideas to start a business, or expand their existing services, around the dissemination of agricultural videos using a Digisoft Smart Projector. Win a smart projector! The deadline for submission is nearing.
KCOA Zambia CallClick here for details 
New videos added in May
40 new videos (3 Arabic,  7 Baoulé, 9 Bemba, 4 English, 3 French, 2 Kinyarwanda / Kirundi, 2 Tamil, and 10 Chitonga / Tonga) have been posted on our platform www.accessagriculture.org. They are freely downloadable as video (mp4), audio (mp3), mobile (video format 3gp) along with a one-page fact sheet with contact details for more information.
Most viewed videos in May
Managing rust diseases in wheat and barley
By making a base mix that can be fed to all animals, you save time and money. Two thirds of the mix is made from grains, like paddy, maize, sorghum and millet. One third of the mix should be rich in protein and fat. Mill the base mix into a coarse flour. Depending on the type of animal, you then need to add a few other ingredients.
Arabic | Bangla | Burmese | Chitonga / Tonga | Dholuo | English | French | Hausa | 
Harvesting and storing soya bean seed
Soya bean seed that is poorly harvested and poorly stored loses its ability to germinate because the moisture and heat kills the living part of the seed. Wet or moldy seeds will rot during storage. In this video, we'll talk about harvesting soya bean seed, drying, winnowing, sorting and storage. 
Arabic | Bambara | Bangla | Bemba | 
English | Ewe | 
Fon | French | Kabyé | Kikuyu | 
Access Agriculture podcast
Podbean Team congratulates Access Agriculture
"On behalf of the entire Podbean Team, we want to congratulate you on reaching 1,000 downloads of your Access Agriculture podcast!"
Digital Extension Systems
WEBINAR - Digital Extension Systems:Presentation by Dr Paul Van Mele
Dr Paul Van Mele, Access Agriculture Director for International Development, speaking on "Digital Extension Systems" at the MANAGE International Conference on “Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services: Innovations to Impact”, 25-27 February 2021. The National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) is an autonomous organisation of the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India, Hyderabad, India.
Listen to the presentation on Podbeanhttps://tinyurl.com/VanMele
Watch the presentation on EcoAgtubehttps://tinyurl.com/PaulVanMele
An ingenious idea to expand business by helping farmers
An ingenious idea to expand business by helping farmers
We can easily see the truth of the maxim “necessity is the mother of invention” – or rather “ingenuity” in the case of Osman Majid, a young video dealer, locally known as a Deejay (DJ), who lives in Nathenje, a small town on the outskirts of Malawi. Unlike most other DJs, Osman has quickly expanded his video business and created a new customer base by screening farmer-training videos and sharing the videos on phones.
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A Convincing Gesture
A Convincing Gesture
People use gestures intentionally to convey meaning, while many other hand movements are unconscious. Moving our hands helps us to grasp the right words. But human speech is also much more than words and hand gestures.
Read more .... বাংলা | Français | हिंदी | Español
Julius Mwande
Julius Mwande holds a bachelor's degree in agriculture from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). He has worked as an agriculture communications officer in Balaka District. Julius has been the founder and managing director of ICT Pro Since 2017 specialising in ICT and electronic devices and appliances in Lilongwe. He believes media and ICT are powerful tools for disseminating messages to enhance the adoption of good agricultural practices and agribusiness in Malawi. Julius aims to promote agroecological knowledge through Access Agriculture videos and other materials.
Hemant Pinjan
Winner of Access Agriculture May 2021 Quiz contest
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The June 2021 Quiz will be open from 1-15 June 2021.
Check out the contest here: www.accessagriculture.org

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