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Access Agriculture Panorama
No. 18 - January 2022

Turning fish waste into fertiliser

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PROLINNOVA joins EcoAgtube platform
PROLINNOVA joins EcoAgtube platform
The international network and community of practice called “Promoting local innovation in ecological agriculture and natural resource management” (PROLINNOVA) created its account on EcoAgtube and posted its videos. PROLINNOVA aims to see a world where women and men farmers play decisive roles in agroecology and natural resource management innovation processes for sustainable livelihoods.
EcoAgtube is continuously adding new features to improve user experience. If your Project relates to ecology and you want to create a Project video page on EcoAgtube, please send your request with details (Project name, description) to


Celebrating 10 years of Access Agriculture
2022 is a momentous year for Access Agriculture as the organisation celebrates its 10th anniversary. Our heartfelt thanks to all our donors and partners across the Global South for their strong support for the past 10 years. Several events are being planned throughout the year to mark this occasion. Watch this space!

Give wings to women entrepreneurs in rural India
Give wings to women entrepreneurs in rural India
Through this project, we anticipate the growth of a network of empowered young women entrepreneurs in rural southern India. They will not only provide for themselves and their families but will also bring to the local women farmers, a wealth of new ideas from around the world to improve their lives. This will contribute to the transformation of the food system in the local communities, leading to healthier diets, sustainable livelihoods and a reduction of agriculture's environmental impact.

New videos added in December

64 new videos (2 English, 2 French, 2 Fulfulde (Cameroon), 14 Ghomala, 13 Kinyarwanda / Kirundi, 2 Tamil and 18 Telugu and 11 Twi) have been posted on our platform www.accessagriculture.org. They are freely downloadable as video (mp4), audio (mp3), mobile (video format 3gp) along with a one-page fact sheet with contact details for more information.

Most viewed videos in December

Transplanting chillies
This video shows the importance of good planning and knowledge. We can reduce losses by following good practices when installing the seedbed, preparing the field and transplanting chilli seedlings.
Arabic | Bambara | Bangla | Bemba | Chichewa / Nyanja | Chitonga / Tonga | English | Fon | French | Hindi | Kannada | Kinyarwanda / Kirundi | Kiswahili | Luo (Uganda) | Peulh / Fulfuldé / Pulaar | Sena | Telugu | Twi | Urdu | Wolof | Yao | Yoruba
Grafting mango seedlings
With grafting, a young shoot from a preferred mango variety is attached to a seedling. The seedling will develop the root and base of the tree. This is called the rootstock. The young shoot that is grafted onto the rootstock is called the scion. This will develop into the canopy.
Ateso | Bambara | Bangla | English | French | Hindi | Kannada | Kikuyu | Peulh / Fulfuldé / Pulaar | Telugu | Twi | Wolof



  • Access Agriculture Entrepreneur for Rural Access (ERA) from Rwanda, Angelo Ndayiragije, organised a video screening session on Harvesting maize in a good way in Mahama Refugee Camp in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. (See photos in Access Agriculture Facebook)
  • ERA from Kenya, Sylvia Wangui Njonjo, Administrator and Field Officer at Community Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Environmental Programme (CSHEP) in Kenya, screened the video Using sack mounds to grow vegetables for students of Nyoro primary school, in Rironi, Limuru, Kenya. After watching the video, the students participated in a discussion and a hands-on session on what they had learnt from the video. (See photos in Access Agriculture Facebook)
  • ERA from Uganda, Azaria Kamusiime, a member of the AgroMush Uganda enterprise in Mbarara district in Western Uganda, conducted a video session on Growing oyster mushrooms for 19 farmers (mainly women) in Sheema District, Western Region, Uganda. AgroMush Uganda seeks to be the leading mushroom grower and supplier of quality mushroom products in Uganda and throughout Africa. (See photos in Access Agriculture Flickr album)
  • ERA from Malawi, Chrissy Awali, a member of Ubunthu Go Green, a Mangochi-based youth club, conducted a video screening session on Maize, Groundnut, Compost and Cheese for 30 young people, including12 women.
  • ERA from Mali, Rokiatou Traoré, Co-founder and CEO of Hérou Alliance enterprise, spoke about sustainable agriculture to the Ambassador of Mali in Senegal during the International Fair of Dakar when he visited their booth. Hérou Alliance aims at promoting organic moringa products through an inclusive value chain that integrates women and young farmers in Mali. (See video)

Ambassadors in action
  • Access Agriculture Ambassador from Benin, Victoire Loke, who has specialised in Agriculture and Food Sciences and Technologies, received a tablet for winning the Access Agriculture Ambassador competition for June-August 2021 quarter. (See photos in Access Agriculture Flickr album)
  • Access Agriculture Ambassador from Benin, Maliki Agnoro, Founder/Director of the Gouvernail Consulting firm, received a tablet for winning the Access Agriculture Ambassador competition for March-May 2021 quarter. (See photos in Access Agriculture Flickr album)
  • Podcast: Access Agriculture Ambassador, Maliki Agnoro, Founder/Director of the Gouvernail Consulting firm in Benin, shares his experience, lessons learnt and advice with new Ambassadors. This podcast is in French. Écoutez le podcast


Our Plants, Our Future
Our Plants, Our Future
Access Agriculture Executive Director, Jo Rodgers, gave a speech on ‘Access Agriculture: sharing knowledge of plant health in local languages’ in the Communication session at the 13th Conference of the European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP), Joint conference from the British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP) and EFPP - Our Plants, Our Future (OPOF), 6-8 December 2021, Birmingham, UK. The Conference was held to mark the International Year of Plant Health 2020. Jo also participated at a Careers Advice session for scientists at Birmingham University, UK. (See photos in Access Agriculture Facebook))
Access Agriculture participated in the exhibition of the Triennial Conference of the Regional Forum of Universities for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) in Cotonou, Benin, 8-10 December 2021. Access Agriculture Regional Representative for West and Central Africa, Florent Okry, made a presentation on Access Agriculture’s video-mediated rural learning approach at the Conference. RUFORUM is a network of 143 universities from 38 African countries whose mission is to strengthen the capacity of universities to foster innovation and agri-food systems through the training of high-quality researchers. (See photos in Access Agriculture Flickr album)


Comment animer les projections des vidéos de Access Agriculture ? (How to facilitate Access Agriculture video screenings?
The sixth episode of Access Agriculture Facebook Live Dialogue for the Francophone audience was held on 7 December on the theme ‘Comment animer les projections des vidéos de Access Agriculture ?Regardez la vidéo.
The Live Dialogue series has been launched to further engage with Access Agriculture Ambassadors, Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) and other local partners and stimulate discussion on issues relating to Access Agriculture activities.


Access Agriculture launched a webinar series in December 2021 to raise awareness and build capacity of its local partners on specific themes. As part of this, the first webinar on ‘Access Agriculture experience in Digital Marketing’ was organised for the Anglophone audience in the morning of 14 December and on ‘Expérience d’Access Agriculture en marketing digital’ for the Francophone audience in the afternoon.
( See the presentation | Voir la présentation )


Organic Sri Lanka
Organic Sri Lanka
We are all familiar with organic milk, organic fruit and vegetables, or organic chocolate, but when one reads “Organic Sri Lanka”, one may have difficulty grasping what this really is about. For sure, it cannot mean that the entire country is organic. Or does it?

Read more .... বাংলা | Français | हिंदी | Português | Español


Sitrakilaina Fifalianaharintsoa
Sitrakilaina Fifalianaharintsoa
Sitrakilaina holds a master's degree in food science and nutrition at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. He did practical research on the design of food products for the fight against malnutrition with the NGO Esperanza Joy of Children and the University of Antananarivo. As an Access Agriculture Ambassador, his aim is to share good agricultural practices and experiences in food processing with farmers, especially rural farmers through videos to give them innovative ideas.

Access Agriculture Engagement Analytics

Access Agriculture Engagement Analytics - as of 31 Dec 2021

Simon Adriko Negro - Winner of Access Agriculture December 2021 Quiz contest
Simon Adriko Negro
Winner of Access Agriculture December 2021 Quiz contest
Read more .... বাংলা | Français | हिंदी | Português | Español
The January 2022 Quiz will be open from 1-15 January 2022.
Check out the contest here: www.accessagriculture.org


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