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holds B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology in Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), University of Rwanda. He is a social entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Nutrition Advisory Council Rwanda Ltd (NAC Rwanda), a youth led community-based organization, which aspire food security worldwide through a sustainable agriculture value chain for improving nutrition and food security for smallholder farmers. Jean Felix also does consultancy jobs related to good Agriculture practices and post-harvest losses management among other practices. He is also among the workshop organizers for Journalism for Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management in Southern Rwanda. He plans to use the smart projector in conducting field training with NAC Rwanda suppliers and recruit new farmers who are based in rural areas where his team could not reach due to lack of tools. With a solar powered smart projector that consists of farmer-to-farmer videos in local languages, he is very optimistic that this will lead to cost saving for his company but also improve knowledge for smallholder farmers.

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Jean Felix Mizero (Team member: Theoneste Nshimumuremyi)

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