Access Agriculture now “Mobile Friendly”

Access Agriculture has relaunched its website with a fresh new look:   

The dynamic method of page design means that you will always see the maximum amount of information on your connected device.

Two trends have been revealed over the past year, that more people are using the website from mobile devices and the vast majority of new registrations are from farmers.

Programmes on the Access Agriculture website have been produced by local video makers with good planning and research to ensure that farmers are able to share their knowledge.  The videos then get translated to local languages depending on demand.

Access Agriculture’s “farmer to farmer” videos are now available in 75 languages.  The categories are still there for you to identify the programmes of interest and you can watch through streaming or by downloading for free.

Soon the whole website will be available in the Spanish language and hopefully in future in Arabic and South Asian languages – if you are interested to assist in this and for more details about the Access Agriculture website please contact Phil Malone on or +44 7899 897693.