Access Agriculture officially launched in Benin

On 27 May 2013, at the Hotel du Lac in Cotonou the 3 year Africa-wide project, called “Videos for Farmers” was explained.  About 40 people from farmers’ organisations, national and international research institutes, agricultural development organisations, universities and the private sector were introduced to Access Agriculture.

During the launch, the Access Agriculture team shared information with their distinguished guests about the formation, the challenges, and the functioning of Access Agriculture. Special emphasis was put on AA’s partnerships with 12 local organisations in Benin, Egypt, Mali, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi for video production, and the collaboration with universities in these countries to conduct MSc and PhD studies on video-mediated learning.

Fr. Godfrey Nzamudjo, Director of Songhaï Center congratulated AA on its effort to support small scale farmers, saying: “videos produced with farmers for farmers are the best way to support resource poor farmers in need of technical knowledge”.

Simon Zbinden, Deputy Director of SDC, Benin also commended AA and portrayed its website as a good example of the high potential impact of the videos on the livelihoods of resource-poor farmers.

Dominique Hounkonnou, external advisory board member, encouraged the AA team to go forward in the chosen direction to strengthen agricultural extension and farmers’ livelihoods.

For more information on Access Agriculture and the videos, please visit:

Contact person in West and Central Africa:; Tel: (+229) 94109582