EcoAgtube Spotlight on Nawaya: an NGO in Egypt that promotes heritage food systems


Nawaya-Egypt works with small-scale farming families on programmes that focus on ecological farming practices and heritage food systems through a community-based network. It helps rural communities set up enterprises that generate new sources of income for rural communities from making compost to raising poultry and agro-tourism.

Nawaya has also been a video production partner with Access Agriculture, and several farmer-to-farmer training videos have been produced through this partnership on agroecological practices and traditional food processing techniques.

As part of its mission, Nawaya empowers women and youth in rural areas with access to knowledge, markets and appropriate technologies. One of its initiatives is the Nawaya Kitchen Training Centre, which helps women from different villages promote their unique traditional recipes.

During its recent staff meeting in Sakkara, Egypt, the Access Agriculture team was invited by Laura Tabet, Access Agriculture Regional Representative and co-founder of Nawaya-Egypt, to visit the Kitchen Training Centre and sample the magic of the heritage dishes.

If you want to try some of the recipes of the Nawaya Kitchen Training Centre on healthy food, check out their videos on EcoAgtube