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‘Go green’ with new EcoAgtube video-sharing platform

‘Go green’ with new EcoAgtube video-sharing platform

Recognising the close link between healthy ecosystems, healthy earth and healthy people, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of EcoAgtube (www.ecoagtube.org), a new open access platform for hosting and sharing videos dedicated to green living and sustainable food systems to help protect the environment and preserve natural resources for current and future generations.


Josephine Rodgers, Executive Director of Access Agriculture, explains that EcoAgtube is targeted to all those with an interest in agroecology and the environment to showcase their experience and local innovations. “EcoAgtube is your platform, where you can freely upload and share your own video clips in any language to inspire, engage, empower and activate others in your country and across the world.”


The EcoAgtube platform, which is accessible on computers and mobile devices, is an initiative of Access Agriculture (www.accessagriculture.org), an international nonprofit that promotes agroecology and rural entrepreneurship.


Seeking to support a more circular economy by eliminating waste and regenerating natural systems, EcoAgtube covers a variety of topics that range from sustainable agricultural practices to climate and environment, land and water, forestry, food and health, ecotourism, green building and energy, among others.


The platform has been designed to meet users’ needs with streamlined navigation that makes it easy and fast to explore categories and subcategories and discover the content and features they are interested in. It will be continually updated with the latest videos, highlighting featured and popular videos and top channels.


Registered users can upload, view and share videos and comment on them, create playlists and channels and monitor trends and performance. The platform has a section on projects which serves as a repository for users to host and manage their own project videos. Users can also access guides on how to upload videos and create channels and projects.


As can be seen from the feedback below, some of our partners from across the world who have already seen glimpses of EcoAgtube have warmly welcomed its creation as it fills a much-needed gap for increasingly environment-conscious individuals and communities to share their experience through a dedicated video-sharing platform that can reach a worldwide audience and build awareness.



Partners on EcoAgtube development:


  • EcoAgtube has the promise and potential to fill a very important role in enabling farmers to learn from each other to propel the global agroecology movement.
    -- Rebecca J. Nelson, Professor, School of Integrative Plant Science Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell CALS, Cornell University, USA


  • This is a great platform to promote a healthier environment for all. It contributes to the agroecological transition based on a great diversity of plants, animals and knowledge in synergy.
    -- Bruno Dorin, Economist at Cirad-Cired, France and Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH), India


  • Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment! We will promote the EcoAgtube video-sharing platform. Very well done indeed!
    -- Nathalie Santini, Family Farming Knowledge Platform Coordinator, FAO, Italy


  • The Foundation for Natural Livestock Farming (NLF) is very happy with the new video-sharing platform ‘EcoAgtube’ by Access Agriculture. This platform will provide another important source of information.
    -- Katrien van’t Hooft, Executive Director, Foundation for Natural Livestock Farming (NLF), The Netherlands


  • EcoAgtube is certainly a great opportunity for CORAF, an international non-profit association working to enhance prosperity, food, and nutrition security in West and Central Africa.
    -- Abdulai Jalloh, Director of Research and Innovation, CORAF, Senegal



  • Co-creation, the sharing of good practices and action research are essential components of the agroecological transition. Well done to Access Agriculture for the initiative and good luck with the EcoAgtube platform!
    -- Marie Wuestenberghs, Managing Director, Iles de Paix, Belgium


  • It is a pleasure to see this innovative video-sharing platform, EcoAgtube, where users can upload videos on a diverse range of agroecological local innovations and project practices in different languages.
    -- Shaikh Tanveer Hossain, Senior Program Officer, Agriculture Division, Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Japan


  • Congratulations on the development of EcoAgtube, I went through it, what a diverse set of videos, it looks great, easy to navigate.
    -- Yodit Kebede, post-doctoral researcher, IRD, France
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