Helping share farmers’ best-kept secrets on soil health with other farmers


An interactive webinar titled ‘Helping share farmers’ best-kept secrets on soil health with other farmers’, was organised by the 4 per1000 Initiative and Access Agriculture on 8 July.

The 4 per 1000 initiative aims to boost carbon storage in agricultural soils by 0.4% each year to help mitigate climate change and increase food security

Introductory remarks by Samuel Ottnad, on behalf of 4 per 1000 Initiative and by Blessings Flao on behalf of Access Agriculture, kicked off the webinar, followed by two presentations.

The first presentation on the theme of the webinar was delivered by Paul Van Mele, Access Agriculture Director for International Development, and the second one, focusing on ‘Entrepreneurs for Rural Access: Our Changemakers’, was presented by Jane Nalunga, Access Agriculture Entrepreneur Coach Co-ordinator.

In addition to questions and answers, the webinar also offered an opportunity to partners, who use the various services and platforms of Access Agriculture, to share their experience.

Mr Hitul Awasthi from Himachal Pradesh, India, who is passionate about food and nutrition security, spoke briefly about his positive experience with EcoAgtube, an initiative of Access Agriculture.

Blessings thanked the presenters and the audience for their valuable contributions and appreciated the organisers, especially Marc Bernard and Samuel Ottnad, for their support.

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