New videos show successful greening of semi-arid areas to boost farmer’s incomes

A new series of videos showing how the use of proven techniques has helped to improve soil quality and boost incomes for farmers is now on the Access Agriculture website.  “Sustainable Land Management” has been produced with funding from VU Amsterdam, IFAD, World Bank Institute and IIED.  AU/NEPAD, CTA, FAO, World Agroforestry Centre, TerrAfrica and Wocat have also supported the production. 

The 12 videos cover techniques in West Africa such as stone lines and zaï planting pits; techniques in East Africa such as Fanya juu terraces; and successes from Southern Africa in Conservation Agriculture.  Other topics include using runoff water from road surfaces, parkland agroforestry and building “win-win” relationships between farmers and pastoralists.

All of the programmes come with guideline notes which can be downloaded as a PDF. 

The videos are on the Access Agriculture website under the section: Sustainable Land Management

Some of the programmes feature the changes that have taken place over a 20 year period showing “before” and “after”. The programmes are available in English and French, but we would like to hear from you if you would like to put them into other languages please contact us on:

If you would like DVD copies please contact Vincenzo Galastro at IFAD