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Reaching the unconnected through digital empowerment

Reaching the unconnected through digital empowerment

More than 40 participants attended a webinar on “Reaching the unconnected through digital empowerment,” which was jointly organised by Access Agriculture and IFOAM Asia on 14 October 2022, as part of the FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022 side events.


The FAO side-events were held in the lead-up to the FAO Science and Innovation Forum. They offered an opportunity for FAO members and partners to present their insights on science, technologies and innovations that can drive food systems transformation and accelerate commitments to action.


The Access Agriculture-IFOAM Asia joint webinar focused on the importance of sharing knowledge on agroecology and organic farming between communities across the Global South as this is vital to cope with changes and crises. Inspiring models and examples on how the unconnected are being reached through digital empowerment were presented by the two organisations as well as by young Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) from India and Africa.


The ERAs are part of Access Agriculture’s network of young private e-extension service providers. They disseminate agricultural videos in local languages using a “smart projector” to serve disadvantaged communities – even in remote areas that do not have electricity or Internet connectivity.


The webinar concluded that youth empowerment, combined with the power of digital technology, can be a powerful force to connect people from remote communities and contribute to the creation of more inclusive and sustainable food systems.


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