Website in Bangla from Access Agriculture

Access Agriculture Bangla website

                                                                                Access Agriculture Bangla website launched

It is with great pleasure that for International Mother Language Day, Access Agriculture announces that its world-leading multilingual agricultural video-accessing platform is now available in Bangla:

The Bangla version can potentially benefit over 80 million Bangla-speaking farmers and rural businesses in South Asia. Bangla is considered to be the eighth most spoken language in the world.

The Access Agriculture website contains more than 200 high quality agricultural training videos. These farmer-to-farmer videos are available in over 70 international and local language versions, including nearly 100 videos in Bangla language, and this number is increasing every month.

Combining scientific and local knowledge, these videos are classified into various categories covering cereals, vegetables, legumes, sustainable land management techniques, integrated pest management, livestock, aquaculture, mechanisation, water-saving irrigation methods, among others.

Our Bangla audience can now freely:

  • Browse the user-friendly website in their own language
  • Download more than 200 quality agricultural training videos, including those in Bangla
  • Download mobile-friendly videos and audio files - the audio files are designed to be used by agricultural programmes on community radio stations in Bangladesh
  • Download video-related technical factsheets for training

As many Access Agriculture videos remain to be translated into Bangla, we invite those who are interested in funding translation of these videos to please contact Dr. Ahmad Salahuddin on