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Winner of Smart Projector holds National Seminar in Nigeria

David Ojo (far right) accompanied by colleagues from NIHORT, Ibadan and Phil Malone from Access Agriculture

David Ojo the Research Director at the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) in Ibadan Nigeria is the proud winner of a Digisoft Smart Projector after completing the Global Survey on Access Agriculture video use.  The survey revealed how farmers and information providers are reaching out to their colleagues using “farmer to farmer” videos in local languages. Those who participated in the survey were entered into a prize draw and David Ojo was the winner.

David has a strategy to reach out to fellow researchers and extension colleagues with the smart projector, so that they see the value of “farmer to farmer” training videos in Nigerian languages.  He will also conduct “training the trainer” sessions to show people involved in extension how to use the videos.

Phil Malone of Access Agriculture presented the Smart Projector to David in the presence of the Executive Director of NIHORT, Dr AA Olaniyan.  Dr Olaniyan stressed the importance of communication in local languages.  He welcomed the smart projector saying “through David’s win, this will help us reach youth in horticulture, students and women.” He added “It would improve livelihoods of rural communities through local languages communication of sustainable agricultural practices and entrepreneurship.”

More information on the smart projector can be found here:

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