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No. 30 - January 2023
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Access Agriculture to kick off programme on equipping young entrepreneurs and partners with e-learning technology in Hyderabad, India
Access Agriculture set to equip young entrepreneurs and partners with innovative e-learning technology in Hyderabad under the aegis of MANAGE
Access Agriculture will kick off its programme on equipping selected young agri-entrepreneurs and key partners with an innovative e-learning technology and related skills, 23-25 January 2023, in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
The Director General of the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Dr. P. Chandra Shekara, has graciously accepted to host this event under the aegis of MANAGE. He will inaugurate the Partners’ Event of the Access Agriculture programme on 25th January and deliver the keynote address.
The e-learning technology that will be distributed by Access Agriculture at this event consists of a portable smart projector kit that contains Access Agriculture’s entire multimedia knowledge resource – with over 3000 high quality farmer-training videos and audio files across 95 languages. It can be used to train farmers even in offline and off-grid environments.
The Access Agriculture training programme in MANAGE will equip and upgrade the skills of seven ERA teams (consisting of 18 individual ERAs, including 9 dynamic young women), who were selected based on a call for proposals that laid a special emphasis on young women entrepreneurs.
Access Agriculture_ICCOA
Global South’s leading multimedia knowledge platform for agroecology and organic farming participates in the Millets & Organics International Trade Fair 2023, Bengaluru, India
Access Agriculture, Global South’s leading multimedia knowledge resource for farmers on agroecology, climate change adaptation and rural entrepreneurship, has been specially invited to take part in the 'Millets & Organics International Trade Fair 2023,' 20-22 January, in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
“We are pleased to invite Access Agriculture to participate as an international expert at this mega event, as it will add value to our programme and the organic movement in general, including the millets development,” said Manoj Kumar Menon, Executive Director, International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA).
Give wings to women entrepreneurs in rural India
Your support needed to empower the changemakers
Our campaign seeks to empower six dynamic young women entrepreneurs, who will introduce new ideas and bring about a positive change in the lives of 3000 women farmers in southern India, who have been badly hit by climate change and COVID-19.
We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our donors, as two of the six young women entrepreneurs whom our campaign targets, have successfully embarked on their journey to bring knowledge to other women of their farming communities.

Please be one of the wonderful people to make a donation at GlobalGiving and share this opportunity with your friends.

New videos added in December
48 new videos - 02 Arabic, 10 Bambara, 10 Fon, 20 Kikuyu, and 06 Kiswahili - have been posted on our platform They are freely downloadable as video (mp4), audio (mp3), mobile (video format 3gp) along with a one-page fact sheet with contact details for more information.
Most viewed video in December
Managing cattle ticks
Managing cattle ticks
Ticks are small creatures like insects that attach to the body of animals to suck their blood. Ticks cause diseases like skin lesions. The animals will become skinny and no longer produce milk.
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The following Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) are part of the Access Agriculture project under the Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture in Africa (KCOA), funded by BMZ and implemented by GIZ:
The following ERAs are part of the Access Agriculture project in India supported by the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation (KGJF):
  • ERAs from India belonging to Susag Millet Farmer Producer Company (FPC), commonly known as ‘Millet Sisters,’ comprising Indira Karri, Santhi Kumari Tuburu and Dasari Dali Naidu, participated in a Farmers’ Fair in Vizianagaram district in Andhra Pradesh. As part of this fair, indigenous farmers received seed of millet, maize and sesame.
Access Agriculture-Benin Open Day highlighted by LE RURAL press
To mark the 10th anniversary of Access Agriculture, an Open Day was organised by the Access Agriculture team in Benin on 15 December 2022. They presented the activities and achievements of Access Agriculture to their partners and showed them their new premises in Benin. The event was well covered by important local media, notably LE RURAL, For more information, please see:
AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION: Access Agriculture celebrates a decade of action – LE RURAL
(See photos in Access Agriculture Facebook)
Teaching the teachers
The best way to educate consumers is right at the start, when they are school children.
In early 2021, Roxana Castellón, who works at Agrecol Andes, a Bolivian NGO, began approaching public schools around Cochabamba, asking the directors if they were interested in adding a new topic to their biology curriculum.
Happy Arnold
Happy Arnold
Happy Arnold holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Cultural Studies from University of Malawi and a Diploma in Journalism from The Polytechnic. Before Co-Founding Youth in Agriculture for Economic Development (YAED) in 2016, he worked with different media institutions and has published a number of online news articles. With YAED, Arnold focuses on creating and empowering young farmers, offering agricultural training and supporting them with farm inputs. In 2017 he was selected as a One Young World Ambassador (a global forum for young leaders). Arnold also serves as a Climate Change Champion under Wilton Park and as a Board Member for Business of Truth Africa under World Learning.
Isabella Nabwile Okisai-Winner of Access Agriculture December 2022 Quiz contest
Isabella Nabwile Okisai
Winner of Access Agriculture December 2022 Quiz contest
Read more .... বাংলা | Français | हिंदी | Português | Español
The February 2023 Quiz will be open from 1-15 February 2023.
Check out the contest here:


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