Other video platforms

Videos hosted on the Access Agriculture platform all aim at training farmers. Videos are downloadable from the website and meet our criteria regarding format and quality.

Depending on demand, a video may be available in many different languages.

Other platforms showcase agricultural videos in formats that differ from Access Agriculture and may or may not target farmers. To inspire those interested in rural development we provide an overview of the most relevant platforms.

* Indicates organisations that are partners of Access Agriculture.

EcoAgtube* allows anyone to register, activate their account and start uploading videos from their mobile, tablet or computer. Videos can also be brought across from Youtube and Vimeo accounts.

All videos relate to ecology and rural development in the broadest sense, but are not necessarily for training. You can search videos by language, category and keywords.

Users can create their own channels and projects have their own area for easy upload of project videos.

Agrotube is a video platform for people working in Brasil. All videos are in Portuguese only. Agrotube showcases videos on agriculture, livestock and various other categories.

You can search videos by category and keywords.

Digital Green showcases videos made with farmers using the storyboard format. Videos are available on a wide range of topics, but only in Indian languages.

Scientific Animations without Borders (SAWBO) creates scientifically accurate animations on agriculture and health in more than 90 languages, all are freely downloadable.

The SAWBO App allows you to search videos by country, language and topic. You can view videos and download them.