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No. 39 - October 2023

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EcoAgtube in ECHOcommunity repository
Access Agriculture and EcoAgtube in ECHOcommunity repository
ECHO is an international nonprofit organisation that seeks to reduce hunger and improve lives through agricultural training and resources. Its resources comprise a vast knowledge-base of practical information, technical support and a seed bank of beneficial underutilised plants.
The organisation also works to identify, validate, document and disseminate best practices in sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology. It creates opportunities for field-based practitioners to connect with each other to share experiences and ideas.
The is the online collaborative membership community of ECHO covering over 190 countries. The treasure trove of Access Agriculture videos is available to the members through relevant links under the Resources Section of the
The also includes in its repository the link to the EcoAgtube platform.
EcoAgtube covers a variety of topics that range from sustainable agricultural practices to climate and environment, land and water, forestry, food and health, ecotourism, green building and energy, among others. If your work relates to ecology, we encourage you to create an EcoAgtube channel and upload your video.


Throwing light on the ERA model
Throwing light on the ERA model
Access Agriculture’s innovative model of working with young Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) to help scale agroecology knowledge among smallholder farmers has been recognised by several international awards. At a recent workshop held in Kampala, Uganda, Ezra Masolaki, Access Agriculture Entrepreneur coach for East Africa, was invited to throw light upon the ERA model for the benefit of the participants.
The workshop was held to discuss plans for the implementation of a specific component of an IFAD-funded Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) project. The component focuses on ‘Empowering Small-Scale Farmers in the Agroecological Transition through Participatory Rural Advisory Services (RAS) in Africa (Uganda, Madagascar) and Latin America (Costa Rica and Ecuador).’ Read more ...


Give wings to women entrepreneurs in rural India
Your support needed to empower the changemakers
We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our donors, as two of the six young women entrepreneurs whom our campaign targets, have successfully embarked on their journey to bring knowledge to other women of their farming communities.
Please be one of the wonderful people to make a donation at GlobalGiving and share this opportunity with your friends.

New videos added in September

49 new videos - 05 Arabic (Tchadien), 06 Aymara, 05 isiXhosa, 20 Malagasy, 01 Marathi, 07 Quechua, and 05 Sar / Sara Madjingay - have been posted on our platform They are freely downloadable as video (mp4), audio (mp3), mobile (video format 3gp) along with a one-page fact sheet with contact details for more information.

Most viewed video in September

Turning fish waste into fertilizer
Turning fish waste into fertilizer
The guts, heads, skin or any other part of the fish that people do not eat can be turned into organic fertiliser by fermenting or composting it. Fish waste is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins. By applying fish fertiliser, we can increase the good microbes in the soil, so the soil gets healthier and nutrients become more readily available to plants. This makes the crops grow stronger roots and leaves, to better resist pests and diseases, and yield more. Fish fertiliser also improves crop quality.


Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) at work in India
The following ERAs are part of the Access Agriculture project in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in India, supported by the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation (KGJF):

Ambassadors in action

Ambassadors in action
Ambassadors in action
  • Access Agriculture Ambassador from Nigeria, Emmanuel Akinwale, who is the founding Operations Director of Aquapro Agro Industry, conducted an agribusiness vocational training course for graduating pastors at the International Bible College of Ministries and Seminary in Ibadan, Nigeria. In his seminar on agricultural land analysis, he showed Access Agriculture video Analysing soil pH and organic matter. (See photo on Access Agriculture Facebook)
  • Access Agriculture Ambassador from Benin, Abd Razack Midingoyi, is a business development and entrepreneurship consultant who works with young people to transform their business ideas into viable projects. He uses Access Agriculture videos to promote agroecology and rural entrepreneurship among rural youths who are keen to develop the agricultural potential of their local region. Watch this short video clip in French, where Abd Razack speaks about his recent work as Ambassador.
  • Access Agriculture Ambassador from Benin, Mounirou Yolou, teaches agricultural entrepreneurship and self-employment at the University of Abomey-Calavi and is closely involved in the development of young agripreneurs by giving advice to them on good farming practices, agroecology and entrepreneurship. Watch this short video clip in French, where Mounirou shares with us his recent achievements as Access Agriculture ambassador.


In this era when many societies have embraced fast food and convenient, ready-made meals, it was refreshing to watch a documentary on the Korean Air flight back home recently, showing how citizens, chefs and scientists across the globe are increasingly waking up to the importance of nurturing and promoting local food cultures.
Dustin Wessa, the presenter in the documentary, “The Chef of Time,” is an American chef who has been living in Korea for 15 years, specialising in fermented food and beverages, such as Makgeolli, a milky and lightly sparkling rice wine.

Soil science, different but right
Soil may be the basis of farming, and therefore of almost all of our food, but farmers and soil scientists see the soil in completely different, if equally valid ways.
In Bolivia, I was recently making a video with Paul and Marcella on soil tests that extension agents can do with farmers. Our local expert was Eliseo Mamani, a gifted Bolivian agronomist.


Abd Razack MIDINGOYI has a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Business Creation from the University Montesquieu in Bordeaux, France. He is currently a Coach-Trainer in Entrepreneurship, Business Creation and Development working with young entrepreneurs in the fields of agribusiness, renewable energy and ICT. As an Ambassador from Benin, he wants to promote good agricultural practices with young farmers who aspire to sustainable development by using Access Agriculture and EcoAgtube videos.


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