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holds a diploma in business studies majoring in accounting from Uganda College of Commerce in Aduku, northern Uganda. She is the co-director for Adyaka Rural Youth Development Initiative (ARYODI) which runs Aryodi Bee Farm in Lira. ARYODI mainly trains over 2,000 farmers on modern beekeeping techniques and value addition for a profitable apiculture business venture. The team also empowers rural farmers on growing crops and rearing livestock using environmentally friendly practices that may sustain the ecosystem of bees. Rebecca was one of the victims of early teenage pregnancy which led her to dropping out of school. She later joined the college to complete her studies. This motivated her to initiate an organisation called Network for Women in Action which trains young girls and teenage pregnant school drop-outs in artisan skills such as: making paper bags, weaving baskets and making bee hives using locally available materials. Rebecca is passionate about farming and transforming the livelihoods of rural based smallholder farmers in her community through economic empowerment and social entrepreneurship. She plans to use the solar powered smart projector to inspire other young girls into agriculture in addition to generating income from showing videos and trainings.

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Rebecca Akullu

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