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is a young Malian entrepreneur, 29 years old, who holds an MBA in Organisation Management. She is a Co-founder and CEO of Herou Alliance Sarl enterprise. This company, which employs 5 people, aims chiefly at promoting and trading organic moringa products through an inclusive value chain that integrates women and young farmers in Mali. The enterprise has developed a business model which provides technical assistance to its target audience and transforms them into suppliers of organic moringa products. The technical assistance is not only for moringa, but for other cereal crops as well. The enterprise has been working with 80 youth and woman farmers in Baguineda zone, where a nursery has been set up of 5,100 moringa plants. Roakitou’s ambition is not only to possess at least one million plants of moringa by 2025, but to develop other activities alongside through video trainings. Thanks to her initiatives, the company has been a winner of several programs such as West African Program of Climate Leadership for Women, One planet fellowship, African Innovation Fellowship, Young African Leadership Initiative, Young Innovation Lab and Women Act West Africa. Rokiatou’s leadership has resulted in her being nominated as a Green Ambassador for Climate in Africa.

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Rokiatou TRAORE

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