There are three ways to support our work.

Contribute to the Access Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund

Your gifts into the Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund will be fully used to bring videos to farmers. Each year, we will invite local organisations and young entrepreneurs to submit short proposals for funding. Based on the amount of money we raise, we will fund a certain number of promising initiatives.

Sponsor the free services provided by Access Agriculture

Gifts of 5,000 Euro or more will help us to sustain our services (maintaining our knowledge portal in English and French, and our social media activities). Each year, any money raised in surplus will be used to support the Access Agriculture Young Entrpreneur Challenge Fund. Logos of all sponsors will be listed.

Contribute in-kind through expertise and services

Sponsorship on the website is also possible through significant in-kind contributions.

For further questions, please contact us at: info@accessagriculture.org