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Thamari Mirriam Dlamini is a dedicated and accomplished professional and a passion for innovation and technology in agriculture. She has a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Physics and brings a solid foundation of scientific knowledge, research and analytical skills, to her role as Innovation and Technology Officer at Imbewu Seed Supply.

Thamari firmly believes in the power of information dissemination for community sustainability. She sees technology, particularly the smart projector, as a tool to attract and inspire youth towards agriculture.By exposing them to innovative gadgets, she aims to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and interest in the agricultural sector. She envisions that the economic flow within the community will improve as the revenue generated from events showcasing the capabilities of the smart projector can be reinvested to support other local entrepreneurs.

Thamari is passionate about merging innovation, technology, and agriculture to make a positive impact in the industry. Her goal is to promote sustainable practices and inspire the next generation of farmers through her expertise and dedication.

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Fish culture
Thamari Mirriam Dlamini
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