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is an Accountant by profession, holding a Bachelor’s degree in science of accounting attained from the University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics. He has furthered his knowledge through various trainings and internship related to accounting. In 2020, Theoneste joined the Nutrition Advisory Council Rwanda Ltd (NAC Rwanda) as an internee, after 6 months he became their Finance Manager. He has been closely working with field officers who normally face a challenge of lack of visual materials to train smallholder farmers to improve their crop productivity. At the same time, the marketing and production departments require quality raw materials from farmers to products that meet consumers’ preferences. This motivated him to apply for the smart projector which can show case farmer-to-farmer videos in Kinyarwanda and as it is solar powered it can be taken to rural areas where there is no electricity. The team looks forward to using the smart projector, a tool that will facilitate the work of field officers when training farmers on best organic and agroecological farming practices.

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Theoneste Nshimumuremyi (Team Leader)

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