Using this site

How to use the website

Our website hosts training videos in support of sustainable agriculture in developing countries. If you are interested in this, we hope you will find videos that will be of use to you and your partners.

We have 15 Access Agriculture video categories under which you will find quality, scripted training videos. Any local language version available for a particular video is listed and can be downloaded. You can contact us for translations into other local languages that are not yet listed.

From the Access Agriculture categories you can download videos, audio files and at times related written materials. The downloads are free, but you will have to register and provide your contact details.

We have a 15th category for Agtube videos. This link takes you through to our other site, here quality standards are less stringent and anyone can upload a training video as long as it keeps to the basic guidelines for submitting videos to Agtube.

You can access the videos available in a specific category by clicking on the coloured icon of that category, or by clicking on the category tree at the right side of the page.

You can also use the search function and search by topic, key words or language.

The video files that can be downloaded are in mp4 format, audio files are in mp3 format. If you have a problem playing these files, download the VLC media player from this FREE programme can play virtually any video and audio file format. If your download is interrupted for any reason, the Access Agriculture system will restart downloading when next possible from where it left off, so you do not have to start downloading again.

Apart from viewing and downloading videos, you can also request for specific DVD compilations. Click here to find out more.

Please note that videos downloaded are intended for use as complete programmes. Downloading a video does NOT entitle you to re-edit the programme or to use parts of the programme in another video. If you would like to use parts of a programme in your own video then please contact us with the necessary information so that we can pass on the request to the copyright owner of the programme.

In our forum, we will announce events and create a space for you to share experiences on video production, distribution and use of farmer training videos with other practitioners. If you are interested to be part of the forum, please fill out the on-line registration form by clicking here.