Video production tips

Making good videos with farmers

This series of seven videos guides you through the process of producing the farmer-to-farmer style videos found on Access Agriculture.

The videos have been funded by FAO

Introduction video

This module gives an introduction to the entire process of producing a video.


This module walks you through the process of how to develop a good script.

Preparing Interviews

This module describes how to identify which farmers to interview and how to formulate and finetune questions.

Camera positions and framing

This module presents how to take great shots; the grammar or names of shots; and how to frame shots, including for farmer interviews.

Taking farmer interviews

This module describes the key factors to keep in mind when filming a farmer interview.

Filming tips

This module discusses key video and audio tips to consider when filming in the field and includes a short segment on filming using a mobile phone.

Editing tips

This module presents overall good practice for editing videos and includes common errors to avoid.

For some basic do's and don'ts for producing quality videos and an overview of the video production process please click on the image below: