Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund

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Access Agriculture is an international NGO that helps local organisations and entrepreneurs in developing countries to strengthen the skills of rural youth, men and women in food production, processing and marketing through the use of video.

Individuals, organisations, companies and foundations from across the globe can support such initiatives by contributing to the Access Agriculture “Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund”.

Farmers have more trust and learn more from their peers on video than from trainers. With your help, Access Agriculture supports young entrepreneurs to develop initiatives to make farmer-to-farmer training videos available to rural communities.

For instance, last year rural radio stations in Malawi turned radio listener clubs into video viewing clubs by distributing DVDs with training videos in local languages to the clubs.

They also helped to establish young entrepreneurs to set up video show rooms as businesses.

Read the short story here: Videos on the radio

In northern Ghana, a young entrepreneur turned a tricycle into a mobile video unit that allowed him and his two staff to show farmer training videos in even the remotest villages.

Read more on: The video tricycle In Benin, the NGO DEDRAS used video to train rural women to make cheese from soya beans and sell this to earn extra money for their families. Crazy about the new cheese

Read more stories from Bangladesh, Egypt, Uganda, Mali, Benin, Kenya and Malawi at:

Each year, 100% of the money raised is spent on the most promising initiatives. Access Agriculture bears the full administrative cost to manage the selection and monitor the supported initiatives.

If you would like to support the Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund, please contact the Executive Director, Josephine Rodgers, at: