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About Access Agriculture

Access Agriculture is an international NGO which showcases agricultural training videos in local languages.  Here you can see examples of videos, download them or order a DVD copy.  The audio tracks can also be downloaded by radio stations.

This is a platform for agricultural R&D staff, service providers, extension agents, communication professionals and representatives of farmer organisations to see what training videos are available and request new language versions. The videos are all designed to support sustainable agriculture in developing countries.

For maximum impact in improving opportunities for farmers explore Access Agriculture.

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About Agtube

Agtube is now fully operational!! Go to www.agtube.org, register, activate the account and start uploading your videos from mobile, tablet or computer. This is your chance to share with the agricultural community. Agtube – social media for rural people.


  • The international NGO Access Agriculture seeks to recruit an Executive Secretary to lead and inspire a ground-breaking and dynamic team with a common goal of working to improve the performance of agricultural advisory service providers in order to enhance their impact on rural livelihoods, consistent with Access Agriculture’s vision, mission and values.
  • 953 people from 102 countries took an on-line survey to evaluate Access Agriculture and its services. The impressive results are now available.
  • With the signing of a formal agreement with the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) in Hyderabad, Access Agriculture expands its partnership basis in India to include the country’s flagship National Institute for training, research and capacity building of extension functionaries.
  • Have your say on farmer learning videos, local language translations and the video-sharing platform of Access Agriculture.
  • The main platform for "farmer to farmer" training videos - Access Agriculture - has just launched its new Awards.
  • Over the past few months Access Agriculture has signed contracts with three more African TV stations to broadcast quality agricultural videos hosted on the Access Agriculture website.
  • Access Agriculture was hailed as a major contributor to the success of the UN Women Sharefair in Nairobi.
  • CIAT engages private sector in showing videos to cassava farmers in South-East Asia.
  • Based on continued demand from farmer organisations and individual farmers, ICRISAT orders 10,000 more "Fighting Striga" DVDs to help sorghum and millet farmers improve their yields.
  • Young Individuals and groups are invited to submit their ideas, innovations and technologies for consideration