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About Access Agriculture

Access Agriculture is an international NGO which showcases agricultural training videos in local languages.  Here you can see examples of videos, download them or order a DVD copy.  The audio tracks can also be downloaded by radio stations.

This is a platform for agricultural R&D staff, service providers, extension agents, communication professionals and representatives of farmer organisations to see what training videos are available and request new language versions. The videos are all designed to support sustainable agriculture in developing countries.

For maximum impact in improving opportunities for farmers explore Access Agriculture.

Be part of a platform for change.

About AgTube

Agtube is now up and running as a beta test. Go to www.agtube.org, register, activate the account from our e-mail and start uploading your videos from mobile, tablet or computer.
This is your chance to share with the agricultural community. Agtube – social media for rural people.


  • Young Individuals and groups are invited to submit their ideas, innovations and technologies for consideration
  • On 27th August, 2014, Access Agriculture hosted 17 post-graduate students and 3 lecturers from Egerton University who were on familiarization tour of Access Agriculture at their Nairobi office.
  • Based upon demand Access Agriculture translates any video available on its website into any language. To respond to the increased demand for local language translations, Access Agriculture continues to invest in networking and building capacities of local media and communication professionals.
  • Access Agriculture has reached more than 500 likes on Facebook and has passed the 1,000 tweet mark from our twitter handle @AccessAgric.
  • Technoserve is using Access Agriculture videos in a Mobile Training Unit in Kenya. A three year project is showing training videos to farmers in North Rift Valley.
  • Agro-Insight wins IVCA Gold Award for work with ICRISAT on "Fighting Striga" videos
  • Access Agriculture has been thrust into global prominence at the just concluded ICT4Ag International Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, organised by CTA with Professor M. Moni, former Director General of the National Informatics Centre in New Delhi, India, describing Access Agriculture as “the innovation of the future of agriculture communication”.
  • From September 24-26 some 200 participants discussed the role of the private sector and producer organisations in rural advisory services during the 4th GFRAS Annual Meeting in Berlin, Germany. Participants frequently debated about how service providers could improve their performance by including farmer training videos in their extension activities.
  • For the development chief of Tamale, Mr Nana Gazor, the launch of Access Agriculture in Ghana offers an opportunity for the agricultural programmes he plans to launch on his Agric TV later in 2013: “Farmers will be allowed to call, share SMS, and interact with journalists, farmers, and technicians via Agric TV.”
  • On July 17, at the 2nd Africa Agricultural Film Festival organised by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), Access Agriculture-hosted videos won two out of the three awards for best videos illustrating innovations that contribute to food security.