Access Agriculture Panorama
No. 40 - November 2023

Need of the hour: Assamese language training videos on agroecology and organic farming

Need of the hour: Assamese language training videos on agroecology and organic farming
Emphasising the relevance of the Assamese language versions of ‘Access Agriculture’ training videos on agroecology and organic farming for the smallholder farmers of Assam state in northeastern India, Dhirendra Nath Kalita, Head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) of Kamrup district, called it the “the need of the hour.”
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young entrepreneurs
GIZ SuATI project call for young entrepreneurs from Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, India
This call for Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) is part of the “Support of Agroecological transformation processes in India” (SuATI) project, which is being implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)-India in collaboration with partners, including Access Agriculture.
We invite young women and men in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, India to propose innovative ideas to start a business, or expand their existing services, around the dissemination of agricultural training videos using a Digisoft Smart Projector.
Karnataka: Read more ...
Madhya Pradesh: Read more ...
Young Entrepreneur Coach with Access Agriculture in Guinea Bissau and Madagascar
Access Agriculture seeks to engage a full-time Young Entrepreneur coach to work with small teams in Madagascar as part of the IFAD project “Empowering Small-Scale Farmers in the Agroecological Transition through Participatory Rural Advisory Services Project”, which is managed by GFRAS and funded by the EU. (by December 15th 2023.)
Guinea Bissau:
The international non-profit association Access Agriculture AISBL seeks to engage a Young Entrepreneur coach for work in Guinea Bissau.
This position is part of a ground-breaking and dynamic team with a common goal to promote agroecological principles and rural entrepreneurship in order to enhance the impact of advisory service providers on rural livelihoods, consistent with Access Agriculture’s vision, mission and values. (by November 30th 2023.)


Young entrepreneurs in South Africa get hands-on training in smart technology
Young entrepreneurs in South Africa get hands-on training in smart technology
Four young Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERA) – comprising two ERA teams and two individual ERAs – who were selected through the Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund from Limpopo and Eastern Cape, received a 3-day training in digital tools and technology, 3 to 5 October 2023 in Polokwane, South Africa.
The training was organised as part of the Knowledge Centres for Organic Agriculture (KCOA) in Africa project, funded by GIZ. The Access Agriculture resource personnel were Vinjeru Mlenga, Entrepreneur Coach for Southern Africa and Blessings Flao, Malawi and Southern Africa Coordinator, who were supported remotely by Access Agriculture Co-Founder, Phil Malone. Read more ...


Give wings to women entrepreneurs in rural India
Your support needed to empower the changemakers
We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our donors, as two of the six young women entrepreneurs whom our campaign targets, have successfully embarked on their journey to bring knowledge to other women of their farming communities.
Please be one of the wonderful people to make a donation at GlobalGiving and share this opportunity with your friends.

New videos added in October

10 new videos - 10 Malagasy - have been posted on our platform www.accessagriculture.org. They are freely downloadable as video (mp4), audio (mp3), mobile (video format 3gp) along with a one-page fact sheet with contact details for more information.

Editor's choice

Setting up an integrated farm
Setting up an integrated farm
By installing an integrated farm, you can produce something on every inch of land, while reducing waste and buying fewer inputs. Draw a map of your farm and decide where to grow what crops, trees and vegetables, based on your knowledge of which crops need sun and which grow in the shade. Select plants according to your family’s needs and market demand. Use environmentally-safe methods to control pests and diseases. Include livestock and fish on your farm. On a fully integrated farm there is no waste, only resources.


Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) at work in Eastern and Southern Africa


South Africa


  • Rebecca Akullu, Co-Director of the Adyaka Rural Youth Development Initiative (ARYODI), and ERA from Uganda (GIZ-funded KCOA project), took part in the live dialogue on the theme ‘ERAs as a resource for scaling agroecology and organic farming,’ organised by Access Agriculture. The other panelists were Pemphero Kumbani, ERA from Malawi, and Co-founder of Aqualink; Khama Matupa, Coordinator of Welthungerhilfe (WHH) Projects, Malawi; and Masolaki Ezra, Entrepreneur coach for East Africa. (Watch video)
  • Umar Bashir Ochen, technical advisor for the Slow Food Youth Network in Uganda, and Access Agriculture ERA (FAO FFS Project), organised a training session where he promoted the videos Enriching porridge and Harvesting and storage of green gram to 19 participants, including five women, in Matany Town Council, Napak district, Uganda. (See photos in Access Agriculture Facebook)
  • Adriko Negro Simon is one of Access Agriculture’s first batch of ERAs. He screens videos to help refugee in West Nile, in the Northern Region of Uganda. He facilitated a video show on Managed regeneration for 13 persons, including five women, at the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement located in Terego district. (See photos in Access Agriculture Facebook)
  • Martha Kyokuhaire, Founder and CEO of VFL Gardens, Mukono, Uganda, and Access Agriculture ERA (GIZ-funded KCOA project), facilitated one video screening for 36 schoolchildren, including 20 girls at the Peace Infants School, Mparangasi village, Hoima district in Western Uganda. The videos shown were Teaching agroecology in schools and Enriching porridge.



Seeing the life in the soil
Soils that have many living organisms hold more carbon and nutrients and can better absorb and retain rainwater, all of which are crucial in these times of a disturbed climate.
But measuring life in soils can be a time-consuming activity depending on what one wants to measure. While bacteria and fungi cannot be seen by the naked eye, ants, grubs and earthworms can.


Sidi Yehia Tounkara
Sidi Yehia Tounkara
Sidi Yehia Tounkara obtained an engineering degree in animal science and also a master’s degree in agricultural extension and rural development from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. He has extensive field work experience in livestock agriculture, including interacting with agro pastoralists. He has previously worked at the Pan Africa Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Eradication Campaign and at the National Centre of Agronomics Research of Sotuba. Currently he acts as Technologies Transfer Officer in the TAAT project, Mali. He is confident to use his skills and knowledge as an Access Agriculture Ambassador.


"एक्सेस एग्रीकल्चर पैनोरमा’ में स्वागत

यह मासिक ई-न्यूज़लेटर एक्सेस एग्रीकल्चर का सभी दिलचस्प खबर देता है। एक्सेस एग्रीकल्चर स्थानीय भाषाओं में गुणवत्तापूर्ण कृषि प्रशिक्षण वीडियो के लिए विश्व-अग्रणी संगठन है|

एक्सेस एग्रीकल्चर पैनोरमा में नए वीडियो, ऑडियो, ब्लॉग, विशेषज्ञों का लेखन, साझेदार, ग्रामीण दुनिया से अनुभव और आने वाली घटनाओं की जानकारी है।

एक्सेस एग्रीकल्चर से जानकारी प्राप्त करने में रुचि रखने वाला कोई भी व्यक्ति, हमारी वेबसाइट पर रजिस्टर करें और ईमेल के माध्यम से एक्सेस एग्रीकल्चर की जानकारी प्राप्त करने के लिए बॉक्स पर टिक करें। एक बार रजिस्टर करने के बाद, आप स्थानीय भाषा में वीडियो, ऑडियो और तथ्य पत्रक मुफ्त में डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं।

यदि आप किसी भी समय सदस्यता समाप्त करना चाहते हैं, तो कृपया अपने एक्सेस एग्रीकल्चर खाते में प्रवेश करें और सूचना प्राप्त करने पर बॉक्स को अनचेक करें या info@accessagriculture.org पर एक ईमेल भेजें । फेसबुक, ट्विटर और लिंक्डइन पर हमारे संपर्क में रहें।  


एक्सेस एग्रीकल्चर पैनोरमा
समाचार पत्र अभिलेख