Access Agriculture Panorama
No. 37 - August 2023

Herbal medicine against foot rot in livestock

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Winners of Animal Rearer Award for Women

Winners of Animal Rearer Award for Women
Winners of Animal Rearer Award for Women appreciate farmer-training videos on herbal medicines in animal healthcare
Women livestock rearers, who attended the ‘Animal Rearer Award for Women’ ceremony organised by the NGO Anthra, led by Dr. Nitya Ghotge, in Pune, Maharashtra, India, greatly appreciated the farmer-training videos on herbal medicines in animal healthcare, that were jointly developed by Anthra and Access Agriculture.

Men and women involved in animal husbandry from various districts of Maharashtra state attended the event, which recognised and honoured 10 exceptional women livestock rearers. Read more ...


Naturland Academy on EcoAgtube
Naturland Academy on EcoAgtube
We are pleased to announce that you can now watch Naturland Academy videos on organic agriculture on its project page on EcoAgtube video platform.

Naturland is an international association for organic agriculture, which aims to build capacity in organic agriculture worldwide. It strives to empower individuals, organisations, and communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster sustainable agricultural practices.

If your project relates to ecology and you want to create a project video page on EcoAgtube, please send your request with details (Project name, description) to:

Give wings to women entrepreneurs in rural India
Your support needed to empower the changemakers
We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our donors, as two of the six young women entrepreneurs whom our campaign targets, have successfully embarked on their journey to bring knowledge to other women of their farming communities.
Please be one of the wonderful people to make a donation at GlobalGiving and share this opportunity with your friends.

New videos added in July

81 new videos -10 Fon, 09 IsiXhosa, 30 Malagasy, 13 Sepedi, and 19 Sinhala - have been posted on our platform www.accessagriculture.org. They are freely downloadable as video (mp4), audio (mp3), mobile (video format 3gp) along with a one-page fact sheet with contact details for more information.

Most viewed video in July

Managing aphids in beans and vegetables
Managing aphids in beans and vegetables
You can easily control aphids by using some organic practices, such as sprinkling ash, spraying a neem solution or planting trap crops.


Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs)
at work in India
The following ERAs are part of the Access Agriculture project in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in India, supported by the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation (KGJF):
  • ERA team members associated with Adivasi Mitra Welfare Society: Pangi Lakshmi, Salla Venkata Lakshmi and Vanthala Matsyaraju, organised nine training sessions with videos during June and July for 331 participants (132 female participants), including schoolchildren, in Alluri Seetharamaraju district, Andhra Pradesh state across the following villages: Dabbaputtu, Gabbangi, Hukumpet, Kothuru, Nereduvalasa and Savadimamidi. The videos shown included Mulch for a better soil and crop, Drip irrigation for tomato, Grow row by row, Growing oyster mushrooms, Coffee: picking & drying. (See photos in Access Agriculture Facebook)

    The Adivasi Mitra ERAs took the opportunity of ‘Sri Modakondamma Jatara,’ which is the largest festival of the tribal (indigenous) communities in Andhra Pradesh, to organise farmer training video shows at various villages. (See photos in Access Agriculture Facebook)

Ambassadors in action

Ambassadors in action
Access Agriculture Ambassador from India, Hitul Awasthi: Inspired by an online training session on “How to make a good video,” organised by Access Agriculture Local Engagement team for its goodwill ambassadors and other local partners, Hitul launched a competition in his home state Himachal Pradesh, asking farmers to propose sustainable agriculture-related ideas. The winning farmers were awarded and were featured in short video clips.
Hitul shared these clips on his channel page titled ‘Krishi Updates’ on EcoAgtube, Access Agriculture’s video-sharing platform dedicated to agroecology and green living, to encourage other farmers to adopt the sustainable agricultural practices shown in the videos.
Access Agriculture Ambassador from Nigeria, Emmanuel Akinwale: To give its Ambassadors and ERAs more visibility, they were requested by Access Agriculture Local Engagement team to share short posts or video clips on their work which would be featured under a section called ‘Discover our Ambassadors and ERAs’ on Access Agriculture social media channels.

In response to this, Emmanuel, who is the Founding Operation Director of Aquapro Agro Industry, sent a short profile of his activities. He recommends Access Agriculture video platform as the most useful tool for developing sustainable agri-businesses for increasing community food security, wealth and growth. For more, see Access Facebook post.


ERAs as a resource for scaling agroecology and organic farming
The first episode of Access Agriculture Live Dialogue in English for 2023 was held on 24 August 2023 on the theme “ERAs as a resource for scaling agroecology and organic farming.” Watch the video.

The Live Dialogue series has been launched to further engage with Access Agriculture Ambassadors, Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) and other local partners and stimulate discussion on issues relating to Access Agriculture activities.

ERAs, ressource pour la mise en échelle de l'agroécologie et de l'agriculture biologique
Le premier épisode du Dialogue en direct d’Access Agriculture en français pour 2023 s'est tenu le 29 août 2023 sur le thème « ERAs, ressource pour la mise en échelle de l'agroécologie et de l'agriculture biologique ». Voir la vidéo.
La série Dialogue en direct a été lancée pour interagir davantage avec les ambassadeurs d'Access Agriculture, les entrepreneurs pour l'accès rural (ERAs) et d'autres partenaires locaux et stimuler la discussion sur les questions liées aux activités d'Access Agriculture.


The school garden
Learning by doing is one of the most powerful educational approaches, both for adults and children. Kids observe what their parents and others in the community do, and they copy it.
As we walk to the Tres de Mayo school in Huayllacayán, in central Peru, which combines a kindergarten, primary and secondary school, we can see that activities on the playground have already started. Today is the final day of our filming trip in this community, and the school has planned the installation of a school garden: an activity they used to have prior to Covid and which they are now more than happy to resume.


Abdoulaye Diop
Abdoulaye Diop
Abdoulaye Diop has a Master's degree in Rural Development and Cooperation from the Gaston Berger University, Senegal. He is a founding member of “Gie Ballal”, an organisation working on organic agriculture and education for healthy eating. Abdoulaye has conducted several training programmes in the field of marketing, particularly in digital marketing. He plans to share Access Agriculture videos through his social media networks including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - and through his relatives!


অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার প্যানোরামা’ এ আপনাকে স্বাগত

এই মাসিক ই-নিউজলেটারটিতে আপনি অ্যাকসেস এগ্রিকালচারের সমস্ত আকর্ষণীয় খবর এক নজরে দেখতে পারবেনএটি বিশ্বের একটি নেতৃস্থানীয় সংস্থা যা স্থানীয় ভাষায় কৃষি প্রশিক্ষণের মানসম্পন্ন ভিডিওর জন্য পৃথিবীর দক্ষিণ গোলার্ধের দেশে দেশে কাজ করে থাকে।

অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার প্যানোরামাতে নতুন ভিডিও, অডিও পডকাস্ট, ব্লগ পোস্ট, বিশেষজ্ঞদের দ্বারা প্রদত্ত নিবন্ধ, পার্টনার সংস্থা, মাঠ পর্যায়ের অভিজ্ঞতা এবং আগাম ঘটনাগুলি সম্পর্কে জানতে পারবেন

অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার থেকে আপডেট পেতে আগ্রহী হলে ওয়েবসাইটতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন এবং ইমেইল দ্বারা অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার সম্পর্কিত তথ্য পাওয়ার বক্সটিতে টিক দিন। এবং রেজিস্ট্রেশন করা থাকলে আপনি আপনার স্থানীয় ভাষায় ভিডিও, অডিও, ফ্যাক্টশিট বিনামূল্যে ডাউনলোডও করতে পারবেন।

আপনি যে কোনও সময় আনসাবস্ক্রাইব করতে ইচ্ছুক হলে অনুগ্রহ করে আপনার অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচারের অ্যাকাউন্টে লগ-ইন করুন এবং তথ্য প্রাপ্তির বক্স টি থেকে টিক উঠিয়ে ফেলুন অথবা  info@accessagriculture.org এ একটি ইমেইল প্রেরণ করুন

ফেসবুক, টুইটার এবং লিঙ্কডইন এ আমাদের সাথে থাকুন


অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার প্যানোরামা
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