Access Agriculture Panorama
No. 32 - March 2023
Rearing crickets for food and feed
New video from Access Agriculture : Rearing crickets for food and feed
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Country Farmss Media
EcoAgtube shines spotlight on 'Country Farmss Media'
EcoAgtube highlights this month an organisation in Tamil Nadu, India, that is dedicated to green living, called Country Farms (www.countryfarmss.com). The organisation promotes the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle that is in harmony with nature by reducing our carbon footprint. Its founder, P Samynathan, has recently created a channel on EcoAgtube and uploaded a series of learning videos on green living in Tamil. Visit Country Farmss Media..

EcoAgtube covers a variety of topics that range from sustainable agricultural practices to climate and environment, land and water, forestry, food and health, ecotourism, green building and energy, among others. If your work relates to ecology, we encourage you to create an EcoAgtube channel and upload your video.

Call launched for young entrepreneurs
Call launched for young entrepreneurs
in South Africa and Madagascar
Access Agriculture announces the launch of its Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund for South Africa (Limpopo and Eastern Cape Provinces) and Madagascar.
Apply now! Present key ideas of a business proposal using a smart projector and your ideas can become reality. Win a smart projector! The deadline for submission is nearing. After registering on Access Agriculture, you can access the form to submit your proposal.
South Africa : KCOA South Africa Call
Give wings to women entrepreneurs in rural India
Your support needed to empower the changemakers
We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our donors, as two of the six young women entrepreneurs whom our campaign targets, have successfully embarked on their journey to bring knowledge to other women of their farming communities.
Please be one of the wonderful people to make a donation at GlobalGiving and share this opportunity with your friends.
New videos added in February
75 new videos - 08 Ateso, 23 Hindi, 10 Kinyarwanda / Kirundi, 10 Luganda, 01 Sinhala, 22 Telegu, and O1 Chitonga / Tonga - have been posted on our platform www.accessagriculture.org. They are freely downloadable as video (mp4), audio (mp3), mobile (video format 3gp) along with a one-page fact sheet with contact details for more information.
Most viewed video in February
Natural ways to keep chickens healthy
Natural ways to keep chickens healthy
Dirty drinking water, unclean surroundings, and improper food cause many diseases in chicken. Clean the coop area and remove the poop and spoiled feed every day. You can purify the drinking water with turmeric powder or potassium permanganate. Feed chickens a balanced diet. Add some garlic or onion to the feed to build up their immunity. Leaves of bitter medicinal plants help to prevent intestinal parasites. Deworm the chickens with the help of papaya sap, betel nut or pomegranate fruit peel. Prevent calcium deficiency by giving the chickens some lime or crushed eggshell. Tie a small bouquet of aromatic leaves in the hen house to repel external parasites.
ERAs at Work in East Africa
Access Agriculture in the Philippines
From 14 to 22 February 2023, the Access Agriculture team, consisting of Executive Director Josephine Rodgers, Philippines Coordinator Danessa Lopega, and Honorary Ambassador for Asia Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Hossain, visited different organisations in the Philippines and explored partnerships for Access Agriculture's project in the country.
Access Agriculture will be working with several organisations in the Philippines to bring their resources of effective farmer-to-farmer training videos in appropriate local languages. This will help family farmers with few resources improve their livelihood and make agriculture more resilient to climate change and other issues.
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Alphonse Amani KOUAME
Alphonse Amani KOUAME
Alphonse Amani KOUAME is an expert in international management with nearly 17 years’ experience in the agricultural value chain. He has worked with many actors in this chain, notably American, French and Swiss cocoa exporting companies. Alphonse has also worked in development cooperation as Manager of the agricultural value chain for the US Department of Agriculture and now as Country Program Coordinator for a Belgian international organisation. Alphonse’s long experience has given him a very broad view of rural issues and contacts with cooperatives and producers. He intends to use a combination of video screenings in public places and installation of Access Agriculture applications on phones and tablets with the aim of facilitating and popularising access to agricultural educational video content for rural communities.
Jean Eudes Beugré - Winner of Access Agriculture February 2023 Quiz contest
Jean Eudes Beugré
Winner of Access Agriculture February 2023 Quiz contest
Read more .... বাংলা | Français | हिंदी | Português | Español
The April 2023 Quiz will be open from 1-15 April 2023.
Check out the contest here: www.accessagriculture.org


অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার প্যানোরামা’ এ আপনাকে স্বাগত

এই মাসিক ই-নিউজলেটারটিতে আপনি অ্যাকসেস এগ্রিকালচারের সমস্ত আকর্ষণীয় খবর এক নজরে দেখতে পারবেনএটি বিশ্বের একটি নেতৃস্থানীয় সংস্থা যা স্থানীয় ভাষায় কৃষি প্রশিক্ষণের মানসম্পন্ন ভিডিওর জন্য পৃথিবীর দক্ষিণ গোলার্ধের দেশে দেশে কাজ করে থাকে।

অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার প্যানোরামাতে নতুন ভিডিও, অডিও পডকাস্ট, ব্লগ পোস্ট, বিশেষজ্ঞদের দ্বারা প্রদত্ত নিবন্ধ, পার্টনার সংস্থা, মাঠ পর্যায়ের অভিজ্ঞতা এবং আগাম ঘটনাগুলি সম্পর্কে জানতে পারবেন

অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার থেকে আপডেট পেতে আগ্রহী হলে ওয়েবসাইটতে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন এবং ইমেইল দ্বারা অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার সম্পর্কিত তথ্য পাওয়ার বক্সটিতে টিক দিন। এবং রেজিস্ট্রেশন করা থাকলে আপনি আপনার স্থানীয় ভাষায় ভিডিও, অডিও, ফ্যাক্টশিট বিনামূল্যে ডাউনলোডও করতে পারবেন।

আপনি যে কোনও সময় আনসাবস্ক্রাইব করতে ইচ্ছুক হলে অনুগ্রহ করে আপনার অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচারের অ্যাকাউন্টে লগ-ইন করুন এবং তথ্য প্রাপ্তির বক্স টি থেকে টিক উঠিয়ে ফেলুন অথবা  info@accessagriculture.org এ একটি ইমেইল প্রেরণ করুন

ফেসবুক, টুইটার এবং লিঙ্কডইন এ আমাদের সাথে থাকুন


অ্যাক্সেস এগ্রিকালচার প্যানোরামা
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