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Guidelines for submitting videos

Please read these guidelines carefully before contacting us to submit any video to Access Agriculture.

The most important things to consider before submitting a video is whether the video:

  • has a training focus
  • deals with agriculture, sustainable land management or business practices surrounding agriculture
  • is suitable for developing countries
  • shows practical ideas for farmers from farmers
  • and is shorter than 20 minutes

They must NOT be:

  • promoting any specific product
  • just telling information about a project success

In addition it is essential that the programme has:

  • an accurate script in English or French as a Word document
  • if the programme itself is not in English or French, then the script supplied needs to have the language of the programme as well as the translation into English or French

For the video itself:

  • please supply the video file in as high a resolution as possible and as large a size as possible
  • you can also supply the programme on videotape if this is easier
  • ideally you should also supply the video without the voice over, but with background sound and the interviewee’s voices. This enables new language versions of the programme to be done that will still look professional

You will also need to fill in a form to give us some specific information about the programme:

  • Title – in less than 30 characters (this includes spaces)
  • Short description – in less than128 characters (this includes spaces)
  • Long description – this has no limit to the number of words, but we advise you to keep it relatively short
  • Select from a keyword list which will be used by the search engine
  • Also tell us which categories you think the programme is suitable for
  • If you have any additional useful material that can accompany the video, you can also send those, and if suitable they will be made available to download along with the video



All videos on Access Agriculture are freely available to download both as video and audio files.
If copyright is an issue for you, then please do not submit your videos.



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