Our young entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund has been set up to support young dynamic people who want to create a business involving disseminating agricultural videos to help farmers and rural businesses, to make agriculture more attractive to youth and reach more women in rural communities. The solar-powered smart projector kit they receive has the Access Agricultural videos in local languages, enabling them to have an impact at scale in the rural areas they serve. Here, meet our challenge fund winners – true Entrepreneurs for Rural Access

Ivory Coast


Gouroubera W. Mori
holds a Master's degree in agroeconomics from the University of Parakou, Benin. He worked for 5 years in two Non-Governmental Organisations (DEDRAS-ONG and CANAL DEVELOPPEMENT) in the field of extension and agricultural advice in Benin. He is currently a member of ISADA-Consulting (ICTs for Sustainable Agricultural Development) in Africa which aims to use new information and communication technologies, such as agricultural training videos, to revolutionise agriculture in Africa.


Kumar Neeraj
‘Revolution will be planted!’ The organisation was co-founded by Kumar Neeraj in 2017 with the idea of transforming the prevailing unprofitable agricultural system in his village Durdih from monoculture farming to ecological agroforestry where diversification of crops is welcomed. From his childhood, he has been passionate about rural life which he finds to be more sustainable and inclusive, close to natural environment. He realised that now his village is not self-sustainable any more. The people are migrating to cities and the new generation is not interested in farming in spite of having all basic resources. So, after his study, he founded Khetee at his own village which conducts community development projects focusing primarily on agroforestry.

Ivory Coast

Konan N'guessan Richmond
His passion for entrepreneurship started when he was a student following a conference in 2017. While working in collaboration with his associates, he co-founded the start-up “Fang Group” (specializing in the design and implementation of agricultural projects). He became a student-entrepreneur and joined the Entrepreneurship Club of INP-HB (Institut National Polytechnique Félix Houphouët Boigny de Yamoussoukro) where he is the Community Manager since 2018. After obtaining his diploma in Agricultural Engineering, he joined the company Société Africaine de Plantations d'Hévéas (SAPH) where he is currently working as a phytopathologist while at the same time continuing his entrepreneurship projects to help his community.


Adriko Simon Negro
grew up on his family farm and had the opportunity to have hands on training in agriculture skills and lessons with his family. From there he developed his passion for agriculture. Later he graduated in Agriculture from Uganda Martyrs University. He has had years of experience working in agronomy and livelihoods. His experience includes working at World Vision Uganda in the area of environment. He is now actively involved in showing video programmes for rural farmers and refugees from south Sudan and Congo in refugee settlements in the West Nile region of Uganda. The training is mostly for vegetables, field crops and environmental protection. The participants are really embracing the new technologies and implementing them at their own household gardens and fields.

Change Makers

Neeraj Kumar, India

Neeraj’s organisation ‘Khetee’ – which means ‘farming’ in Hindi language – focuses on community development and training programmes for farmers and rural community. It has introduced a farmer-focused intervention model to make farming sustainable and profitable in rural Bihar by promoting ecological agroforestry.

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Watch a video on Neeraj’s work here


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