• 29th September, 2023

    A webinar titled « Ressources disponibles sur l'agriculture biologique en langues locales » (Organic agriculture knowledge resources available in local languages) was organised on 14 September 2023 by Access Agriculture Local Engagement team for Francophone partners, especially from the Knowledge Centres for Organic Agriculture (KCOA) in Africa project funded by GIZ. A similar webinar for our Anglophone partners was held in May 2023.

    The objectives of both the webinars were to raise awareness of the wide range of farmer training videos available in local...


  • 28th September, 2023

    “The Access Agriculture smart projector can transform farmer learning by allowing them not only to gain knowledge about good agricultural practices, but also to put into practice what they see in the videos,” said Blessings Mtembo from CARE International in Malawi, when he visited the Access Agriculture booth at the Malawi Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (MaFAAS) 2023 held recently in Lilongwe.

    The theme of the conference was harnessing farmer and stakeholder innovations and extension governance for Malawi’s agriculture revolution. Held over two days...


  • 28th September, 2023

    Fourteen representatives from five Community Skills Development Centres (CSDCs) participated recently in a hands-on training session organised by Access Agriculture in Zomba, Malawi, as part of an AFC/GOPA consulting group project under the GIZ-Empowering Youth in Agribusiness (EYA) initiative.

    The participants were introduced to the Access Agriculture video platform, which hosts over 250 quality farmer learning videos in 100 languages. They learned how to handle the solar-powered smart projector that contains the entire library of Access Agriculture videos and received...


  • 26th September, 2023

    Here is some excellent advice on how to write clearly, especially for smallholder farmers.

    Steven Pinker writes charming books on language and on the mind, where he manages to explain complex ideas clearly. He is so well read that he branched out and wrote an optimistic book on violence, explaining that regardless of what most people think, the world is getting more peaceful, and Pinker has the numbers to show it.

    In most of Pinker’s books at one time or another he ridicules what he calls the “purists” who correct other people’s English. The...


  • 25th September, 2023

    The Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (known as ERAs) of Access Agriculture ( have been working with youth in schools and farming communities surrounding the schools as part of a joint project with the Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture in Africa (KCOA), a programme funded by BMZ and implemented by GIZ.

    The activities focus on screening farmer training videos to scale up the adoption of agroecological farming practices, such as making compost, establishment of vegetable gardens and using environment-...


  • 30th August, 2023

    Women livestock rearers, who attended the ‘Animal Rearer Award for Women’ ceremony organised by the NGO Anthra, led by Dr. Nitya Ghotge, in Pune, Maharashtra, India, greatly appreciated the farmer-training videos on herbal medicines in animal healthcare, that were jointly developed by Anthra and Access Agriculture.

    Men and women involved in animal husbandry from various districts of Maharashtra state attended the event, which recognised and honoured 10 exceptional women livestock rearers.

    Atul Pagar, a key partner of Access Agriculture, took the...


  • 28th August, 2023

    Learning by doing is one of the most powerful educational approaches, both for adults and children. Kids observe what their parents and others in the community do, and they copy it.

    As we walk to the Tres de Mayo school in Huayllacayán, in central Peru, which combines a kindergarten, primary and secondary school, we can see that activities on the playground have already started. Today is the final day of our filming trip in this community, and the school has planned the installation of a school garden: an activity they used to have prior to Covid and which they are now...


  • 31st July, 2023

    In the first edition of its newsletter, the Coalition for food systems transformation through agroecology (Agroecology Coalition) has cited EcoAgtube among the important resources from its members. See here ..

    The Agroecology Coalition brings together countries and stakeholders to accelerate the transformation of food systems through agroecology. It has a membership of more than 40 countries and 90 organisations, including the European Union, the African Union and the...


  • 27th July, 2023

    Smallholder, organic farmers in Bolivia struggle to sell their healthy, natural produce to an urban and peri-urban audience that is only slowly awakening to the health risks of food produced with agrochemicals.

    While the weekly home delivery service is a new way to sell fresh produce directly to consumers, the age-proven, open-air markets offer a more obvious way to sell ecological food. As in much of the developing world, weekly neighbourhood markets are widespread in Bolivia, but they come with their own challenges when newcomers want to enter the scene.



  • 29th June, 2023

    An article titled ‘Innovating digital extension delivery services in rural Egypt,’ featured in the latest issue of the GIZ Sector Network Rural Development (SNRD) Africa newsletter, showcases a partnership project that successfully supports the co-construction of knowledge and inclusive growth for marginalised farmers through farmer-to-farmer videos and last-mile delivery in rural Egypt.

    The project ‘Innovative Agriculture for Smallholder Resilience’ (iNASHR), which seeks to facilitate technology dissemination in rural Egypt, is jointly implemented...