• 27th November, 2022

    Over 260 participants from more than 50 countries, attended the webinar on “How to scale agroecology,” that was jointly organised by Access Agriculture and the Agroecology Coalition, on 25 October 2022. The special webinar was one of the flagship events of the 10th anniversary celebrations of Access Agriculture this year.

    The active and engaged audience who followed the webinar with a keen interest appreciated the “brilliant presentations and enriching discussions” by distinguished speakers and panelists. The webinar focused mainly on Access Agriculture...


  • 27th November, 2022

    More than 40 participants attended a webinar on “Reaching the unconnected through digital empowerment,” which was jointly organised by Access Agriculture and IFOAM Asia on 14 October 2022, as part of the FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022 side events.

    The FAO side-events were held in the lead-up to the FAO Science and Innovation Forum. They offered an opportunity for FAO members and partners to present their insights on science, technologies and innovations that can drive food systems transformation and accelerate commitments to action.

    The Access...


  • 25th November, 2022

    Rosario Cadima is an enterprising farmer who spends two days a week buying and selling potatoes at the fair in Colomi, Cochabamba. Juan Almanza, who is an extensionist, had given her a DVD with a series of agricultural learning videos aimed at farmers like her.

    The DVD included seven videos in Spanish, Quechua and Aymara on caring for the soil. One of the videos was about peanuts (groundnuts), which like other legumes, fixes nitrogen for the soil. Rosario recently watched the DVD with her parents, grandfather and other family members. They watched all of the videos over three...


  • 19th October, 2022

    Special webinar marking the 10th anniversary of Access Agriculture
    (Organised by Access Agriculture and the Agroecology Coalition)

    25 October, 11.00 AM GMT / UTC

    Register here :
    Simultaneous interpretation services in French and Spanish will be available.

    As part of its 10th anniversary celebration this year, Access Agriculture is organising a webinar on “How to scale agroecology...


  • 5th October, 2022

    Some 30 years ago, eminent anthropologist Paul Richards described the practices of smallholder farmers as a type of performance, similar to theatre or a musical act. Farmers acquire skills and competence through practice, rehearsal and improvisation. I have recently learned that the same applies to the marketing of farm produce.

    In the Ecuadorean Andes, SWISSAID has been supporting women’s associations for 12 years to strengthen their skills on ecological farming. They taught farmers to produce various types of compost, including with manure of guinea pigs, as well as...


  • 10th September, 2022

    I learned from Ing. Abrahán Mujica how you can culture your own microorganisms, using some simple equipment and a few inexpensive ingredients. Abrahán showed me and a small group at his agroecology course that you can start by collecting some leaf litter. We gathered the leaves and topsoil from the base of two or three molle (Schinus mole) trees in the city of Cochabamba.

    We put some 5 kilos of leaf litter and black soil on a plastic table. We added a kilo of raw sugar and a kilo of bran (rich in proteins), to feed the microorganisms, and just enough water to turn...


  • 31st August, 2022

    Guest blog dedicated to Access Agriculture 10th Anniversary

    It is no secret that a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why I am taking this shortcut to show to you some of our best experiences of using training videos from Access Agriculture (, which is the leading platform for promotion of sustainable agricultural practices.

    This great experience has not only been beneficial to me both personally and professionally, but also to a large number...


  • 11th August, 2022

    The Malawi Forum for Agriculture Advisory Services (MaFAAS) held its Farming and Extension Conference in Lilongwe, Malawi, from 19 to 22 July 2022. The conference brought together various stakeholders, who are working in the agriculture space in Malawi, from farmer groups to extension service providers (both state and non-state) and organisations that provide finance solutions to farmers and farmer groups.

    MaFAAS is a platform for strengthening agricultural extension and advisory services through information sharing and action to achieve professionalisation, standardisation and...


  • 9th August, 2022

    An interactive webinar titled ‘Helping share farmers’ best-kept secrets on soil health with other farmers’, was organised by the 4 per1000 Initiative and Access Agriculture on 8 July.

    The 4 per 1000 initiative aims to boost carbon storage in agricultural soils by 0.4% each year to help mitigate climate change and increase food security

    Introductory remarks by Samuel Ottnad, on behalf of 4 per 1000 Initiative and by Blessings Flao on behalf of Access Agriculture, kicked off the webinar, followed by two presentations.

    The first...


  • 30th July, 2022

    Lifeless soil, worn out by years of tillage and chemical fertilizer, can be brought back to good health with the help of beneficial micro-organisms. A video on that topic, “Good microbes for plants and soil”, tells how to make a liquid, which is rich in beneficial microbes, that you can apply to your soil and crops. It was filmed in India and is now available in 23 languages, including Spanish.

    Diego Mina and Mayra Coro are researchers working closely with smallholder communities in the province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador, where they showed the Spanish version of the...