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How to make school fees using chilli sauce

 “After I started growing chilli I realised that it is a profitable crop, as I was selling chilli at 2500 kwacha per kilogram this year and I made a lot of money”, says Lucia with a smile. Things have not been always rosy for Lucia.

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Alice in dairy land!

Alice Mtaira is a dairy farmer and Secretary for Mpemba Bulking Group in Blantyre, Malawi. She has a made a great contribution in lifting the profile of this group.

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without electric

Showing videos without electricity

Using a laptop, we have increased projections to ten per month and can return to explain the content and to repeat the projection.

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Smallholders watching videos nationwide

Access to information helps farmers to make wise decisions to enhance food security and improve livelihoods.

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video on radio

Videos on the radio

Farm Radio Trust turned existing radio listening clubs into video viewing clubs and information hubs, where farmers can meet regularly to discuss and share ideas about farming.

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time and place

Time and place

Farmers are as sensitive as anyone else to their setting and time of day. Where, when and how people watch a video influences how well they learn.

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farmers get organised

Farmers get organised to watch videos

If the videos are good enough, and relevant enough, they may inspire farmers to organise themselves to watch the videos, overcoming the lack of TVs, DVD-players and electricity.

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Becoming a journalist farmer

Ever since I started making farmer-to-farmer videos, my career has taken a new and interesting direction. I am gradually becoming a farmer.

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cutting cheese

Crazy about the new cheese

Thanks to the video, the group not only heard, but could also see the techniques for soya cheese-making.

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Making farming sexy

Videos capture the attention of student farmers. This is why we embed video sessions within the training at Songhaï.

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children walking

Giving birth is the easy part

Giving birth to global video innovation was the easy part for Bangladesh. But clearly more effort was needed to sustain the approach in this country.

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group photo

Earning money from weeds

Uprooting Striga has become a very popular and well appreciated activity wherever the Tominian farmers’ union has promoted the videos.

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camera man

You want to film me...

I probably could have avoided this situation had I given a farmer-to-farmer training DVD at the beginning

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DJ’ing on the farm

We loved our video van but apparently it wasn’t enough. Maybe we needed to think about new ways to make sure that farmers got their own copies of agricultural videos.

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you cant include everyone

You can’t include everyone

Making an agricultural training video is harder than it looks. It takes time and involves many people.

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finding the words

Finding the words

The Baganda are a proud people, and some might not admit that they do not understand every word.

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tricycle truck

The video tricycle

“...if I could add a set of boxes onto the bed of a motorised tricycle, then I could use it to carry video screening tools to rural areas...”

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group meeting

In our own language

Videos to train farmers are a success if farmers receive the message and remember it.

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people on a laptop

Ready, Set, Bureaucracy!

Donor programmes would have to restructure their communications and publications activities to make room for training videos.

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brown cow

Learning more from videos than from lead farmers

Videos are not biased towards an individual in a community. So I started to try and understand how farmers receive videos.

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Farmers pay for learning videos

If farmers are willing to pay for their own learning videos, distributing DVDs might become self-sustaining.

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lady with cookpot

Willing to pay to watch videos

As the state gets out of extension and the private sector fills some of the void, it is time to ask if farmers will pay for extension. 

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My father taught me to open my eyes

Farmers now need new information, now more than ever on how to solve issues affecting them and to adopt new farming practices.

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man holding pictures

I bought it, it’s mine

At home, Boko brought out his TV around 8pm to watch his new videos.

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film crew

When students make farmer training videos

I teach communication technology to students so it was easy to get students to start making videos for farmers.

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video on old mobile

It will take time before Eletina watches her video

“How do I get to watch this video after you are finished doing it?”

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film crew in the fields

No laughing matter

Combining fictional stories and training messages in one video called for a rethink.

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Strengthening digital skills of rural advisory service facilitators in Uganda

About 30 rural advisory service (RAS) facilitators from five districts of Uganda – Buikwe, Bugiri, Sembabule, Lira and Soroti – were introduced to Access Agriculture’s resources and tools to enhance their digital skills during a RAS Facilitator orientation training and project commissioning, which was conducted from 15 April to 17 May 2024.

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