Our Ambassadors

Access Agriculture ambassadors are volunteers who promote the work Access Agriculture is doing in their respective countries.


Honorary Ambassador for Latin America
Jeff Bentley
has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from the University of Arizona. He did practical research on natural pest control for seven years at El Zamorano, an agricultural university in Honduras. Jeff has worked in many countries in Latin America, Africa and South Asia. He lives in Bolivia and is fascinated by farmer experiments and local knowledge. Jeff teaches scriptwriting for Access Agriculture and has written many papers on how videos spark the creativity of farmers and others. Jeff speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and some Quechua, so he clearly appreciates the importance of language.
Honorary Ambassador for Asia
Shaikh Tanveer Hossain
holds a Ph.D. in agriculture from Ehime University, Japan and works at the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), an inter-governmental organisation based in Tokyo, Japan. In 2011, he received the Organic Farming Innovation Award from the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM) and in 2015 he received the Hivos Social Innovation Award. He is former Vice-President of IFOAM–Asia and a current advisory group member of the Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network (SOAAN).
Honorary Ambassador for Africa
Yodit Kebede
holds a PhD in Landscape Ecology from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Prior to her PhD research, Yodit worked on drylands farming for the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA) in Wageningen and on soil erosion in southern Belgium for the University of Louvain-La-Neuve. From 2017 to 2019 she worked as a consultant for FAO on agroecology in West Africa. Currently, Yodit further nurtures her passion for agroecology as a postdoctoral researcher at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD).


has a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Business Creation from the University Montesquieu in Bordeaux, France. He is currently a Coach-Trainer in Entrepreneurship, Business Creation and Development working with young entrepreneurs in the fields of agribusiness, renewable energy and ICT. As an Ambassador, he wants to promote good agricultural practices with young farmers who aspire to sustainable development by using Access Agriculture and EcoAgtube videos.
Bokossa Thiburce Siodine
holds a research master's degree in biostatistics. He has more than 5 years of experience in data collection and processing in agriculture and currently works in monitoring and evaluation of several projects in the agricultural field. His commitment as an Access Agriculture Ambassador is to encourage agribusiness start-ups as well as agricultural students to use the Access Agriculture video platform.
Fifamè Clarice Victoire LOKE
holds a Master's degree in Agronomy specialising in Agricultural and Food Sciences and Technologies from the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Abomey-Calavi. Her Bachelor's degree was in Agronomy with an option in Nutrition and Food Sciences. She has have worked with the National Association of Women Farmers of Benin which is a farmers' organisation working for better living and working conditions for women farmers. This gave Victoire expertise working in farmers' organisations and rural development with a gender perspective. Currently she is a Consultant and Trainer. She sees being an Access Agriculture Ambassador will allow her to bring new ideas, technologies and innovations to the farmers she works with.
Jean-Jacques Senou Osseni Zinsou
is a consultant expert in strategy and business transformation in Benin. He regularly sends out agricultural information to websites, newspapers, radio stations, TV stations. He also blogs on agricultural issues and writes for other social media channels. Together with a team, he is planning to create a web platform of targeted partners. He and his team-mates are negotiating to establish a local newspaper column to talk about agricultural advices. They are also planning to launch an agriculture advisory program on local radio and an agriculture TV program. As part of this, they are negotiating with BB24 TV channel for the dissemination of a program on targeted agricultural value chains. Jean-Jacques intends to target youth and women to inform them about Access Agriculture and Agtube video platforms through various communication channels and networks.
José Herbert Ahodode
is an agricultural socio-economist, CEO of Crystal Agro Business, which is a consulting, training, communication and agricultural advisory company. Through activities and in association with professional agricultural organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other rural actors, he plans to promote the work of Access Agriculture in North Benin. This will also involve working in synergy with partners, development projects in the field with a view to promoting learning through videos. His company has an active presence on social networks and plans a website for 2020.
Mahugnon Nehemiah Kotobiodjo
obtained a master's degree in agricultural sciences from the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Parakou, Benin. Currently, he provides training to play a vital role in rural development. His aim is to transform the rural world in a sustainable way by disseminating Access Agriculture videos of innovative solutions.
Maliki Agnoro
is a graduate of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences from the University of Abomey-Calavi. He is a young Beninese professional who has a decade of experience in supporting the rural world and the promotion of youth entrepreneurship. His aim is to promote effective agricultural training for farmers and rural businesses through the Access Agriculture platform.
Nimatou Kourouta
is a biotechnology technician specialising in Agribusiness at the African University of Technology and Management (UATM) GASA in Cotonou, Benin. As an Access Agriculture ambassador, she plans to promote agriculture in Benin through the dissemination of Access Agriculture videos and innovations.
Romuald Ulrich Assogba
holds a Master of Arts degree in Rural Economics and Extension and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Agricultural Extension and Advice from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin. He is currently working in the area of promotion of organic and ecological farming. Passionate about agricultural advice, more specifically organic farming, he is also responsible for the Monitoring and Consulting Agency in Organic and Ecological Agriculture (ASCABE) and is a founding member of the Benin Association of Agricultural Extension and Consulting Professionals (ABPVCA). By agreeing to be an Access Agriculture ambassador, Romuald wishes to promote agricultural training videos on organic and ecological farming to producers and agricultural extension services both nationally and internationally.
Yolou Mounirou
is a graduate of the University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin. He is a geneticist and plant improver, and since 2016 has been involved in the development of young people in rural areas. In this he accompanies young people in the management of their agricultural enterprise through agricultural advice, encouraging the adoption of good farming practices and agroecology. Yolou also gives training to students at the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Abomey-Calavi in self-employment and agricultural entrepreneurship. As an Ambassador, Yolou wants to make the Access Agriculture videos available to women and rural youth to help them develop good agricultural practices.


Awe Baina Modeste
is an agro-zootechnician engineer with a master’s in Integrated Rural Development and currently a PhD candidate in Integrated Rural Development. He is a business advisor in the Youth Agropastoral Entrepreneurship Promotion Program (PEA-Jeunes). At PEA-Jeunes program, he supports young start-ups in the creation and scaling up of their businesses in the agro-pastoral fields. The current pool of this program is five thousand young entrepreneurs and the workforce is still growing. He has acquired proven experiences in various structures working in rural development: agro-pastoral entrepreneurship, giving supports and advice to agro-pastoral farms and community activities. As an ambassador, he wants to promote the activities of Access Agriculture in his professional networks in the agriculture sector such as FASA Alumni.

Congo Brazzaville

Rêve Destin Bikouta Loumouamou
is from Brazzaville and a journalist by training. He is currently attached to the communication service of the Archdiocese of Brazzaville, working as a presenter and reporter in charge of programmes at Radio Magnificat. Bikouta is also in charge of the animation (filming, editing, voice-over) of the YouTube channel for the diocese. For almost 10 years, he has been interested in organic farming and livestock breeding, which he practices outside of his journalistic activities. Bikouta sees being an Access Agriculture Ambassador gives him the opportunity to encourage young people and women in his community to use the Access Agriculture and EcoAgtube platforms to benefit from the experience of other countries in agro-ecology, agri-food processing and much more.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Jean Baptiste Musabyimana Ntamugabumwe
holds a bachelor’s degree in communication of organizations at the University of CEPROMAD in the DRC. Since 2006, he is responsible for communication, information and education at the Federation of Organizations of Agricultural Producers of Congo, FOPACNK. In 2018, he was appointed as National Coordinator of the Association of Agricultural Journalists of Congo, AJAC. His mission is to popularise Access Agriculture videos and audios to farmers in DR Congo for better agricultural production.
Pholo Mvumbi Roger
studied in management from Technical School of Higher Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also has a diploma in journalism and had several trainings in the field of agriculture and climate change. He has a range of experience as president at the NGO Association for Integrated Rural Development of Nganda Tsundi Aderigas, communications officer at the Mayumbe Cocama Cocoa Cooperative and he currently works as a national executive secretary at DRCONGO ASSA. He is confident to play a leading role in the dissemination of videos and reach the largest number of people in his country and sub-region of Central Africa both in the press and as a development actor.


Abubakari Sadik Tamimu
is a graduate student at the University for Development Studies. He has been engaged in agricultural research and training on agricultural practices in the northern part of Ghana. He believes this has enhanced his communication and innovation skills in dealing with rural farmers. As an Access Agriculture Ambassador, he wants to equip farmers with adequate information and knowledge through the Access Agriculture platform for productive agricultural practices.


Wadson VOLNÉ
is an agronomist by profession. He is studying at the Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (FAMV) at the State University of Haiti (UEH) specialising in Food Science and Technology (STA). He is the founder, technical and production manager in a small semi-industrial processing unit of maize into fine products (Chanmchanm in Creole language). He is also a teacher in Life and Earth Sciences in classical and technical agricultural schools. Wadson intends to promote the work of Access Agriculture in Haiti in the rural areas with farmers and students he interacts with.


Aakanksha Tiwari
holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science (Environmental Technology) from the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development, Banaras Hindu University, India. She worked as a research intern at National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management, Hyderabad, and currently works as a researcher with the Environment and Climate Action team at Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group in Chennai. She is also a member of the committee of South Asian People’s Action on Climate Crisis (SAPACC) at Hyderabad. As an Access Agriculture Ambassador, Tiwari would like to engage the innovative farmers all over India to capture and share videos of their organic efforts to grow healthy food based on indigenous methods and their self-created tools and techniques.

Ivory Coast

Alphonse Amani KOUAME
is an expert in international management with nearly 17 years’ experience in the agricultural value chain. He has worked with many actors in this chain, notably American, French and Swiss cocoa exporting companies. Alphonse has also worked in development cooperation as Manager of the agricultural value chain for the US Department of Agriculture and now as Country Program Coordinator for a Belgian international organisation. Alphonse’s long experience has given him a very broad view of rural issues and contacts with cooperatives and producers. He intends to use a combination of video screenings in public places and installation of Access Agriculture applications on phones and tablets with the aim of facilitating and popularising access to agricultural educational video content for rural communities.


David Nderitu
is the Executive Director Imarisha - Kenya and holds an M.A in Population Studies and a B.A. in Economics and Sociology. He has over 15 years of extensive knowledge and experience in civil society organisations, in particular organising capacity building activities, policy-advocacy (including working with the media), and working with national and county governments. He is passionate in promoting sustainable agriculture practices especially organic farming, recruiting smallholder farmers into the organic farming value chain and solidifying partnerships with other actors in this sector.
Joackim Ondiege
was trained as an Agriculture Education and Extension Officer at Egerton University, Kenya. Since graduating, his passion and line of work has been community development through organic farming and economic empowerment of pupils and students in schools. Joackim understands the challenges farmers face on the ground and the negative effects of using artifical products for food production or farm activities. He leads a community based organisation called Sigomre Organic Agriculture Program (SOAP), which trains farmers in organic farming practices, enabling them to understand why going organic way is both healthy and sustainable. Joackim intends to promote the work of Access Agriculture by sharing information with the farmers he already works with and also new ones who are coming on board with SOAP. He also intends to reach youth groups and women who are passionate about farming through social media platforms.
Michael Onyango
is an Agricultural Economics graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Egerton University. He is currently a volunteer extension officer in Migori County, as part of his internship programme with the Government of Kenya since he graduated. Michael also has his own bee-keeping enterprise.
graduated with a BSc. Agricultural Economics and Resource Management from Kibabii University, Kenya. He is currently working as a volunteer Agribusiness tutor, having previously been an intern in the Lake Basin Development Authority undertaking community development projects and research. Michael writes research papers, project proposals and project reports particularly in Agribusiness. As an Ambassador, he intends to promote activities by writing articles; conducting community mobilisation to create awareness on organic farming; undertaking training in schools and Farmer Training Centres to embrace a positive attitude towards agriculture; and promoting Access Agriculture videos and Apps to encourage knowledge and positive change for organic agriculture.
Sarah Wambui Wanene
is an agripreneur and community-based Farmers Field School facilitator. Sarah trains farmers in Farmers Field School setting across Kiambu County to increase productivity and profitability in poultry and dairy value chains. She takes great pride in training, coaching, and mentoring people in Agribusiness, Business Development Skills, and Entrepreneurship skills. With young people especially, this helps them to articulate their ideas better so they can grow their business. Sarah is very passionate about agribusiness development and seeing farmers achieve sustainable food security.


Jonathan S. Stewart
holds a BSc in agriculture and has over 10 years of experience in youth development and agriculture. Currently, Jonathan is the Executive Director for Agro Tech Liberia – a youth-based non-governmental organisation where he seeks to attract youth to agriculture and agribusiness in order to reduce youth unemployment and poverty. He volunteers with several youth initiatives as mentor in peace-building, agripreneurship and educational activities. Jonathan is committed to championing youth leadership in transforming Africa through agripreneurship and entrepreneurship for “zero hunger” and economic development. Jonathan is a “green activist,” who promotes and campaigns for green environment by creating awareness on plastic waste management and climate-smart practices in Liberia.


Sitrakilaina Fifalianaharintsoa
holds a master's degree in food science and nutrition at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. He did practical research on the design of food products for the fight against malnutrition with the NGO Esperanza Joy of Children and the University of Antananarivo. As an Access Agriculture Ambassador, his aim is to share good agricultural practices and experiences in food processing with farmers, especially rural farmers through videos to give them innovative ideas.


Happy Arnold
holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Cultural Studies from University of Malawi and a Diploma in Journalism from The Polytechnic. Before Co-Founding Youth in Agriculture for Economic Development (YAED) in 2016, he worked with different media institutions and has published a number of online news articles. With YAED, Arnold focuses on creating and empowering young farmers, offering agricultural training and supporting them with farm inputs. In 2017 he was selected as a One Young World Ambassador (a global forum for young leaders). Arnold also serves as a Climate Change Champion under Wilton Park and as a Board Member for Business of Truth Africa under World Learning.
Innocent Masanjala
is the founder of agrinewsmalawi.com – a web-based social enterprise, whose aim is to promote and rebrand agriculture as a viable career for the youth of Malawi. As an ambassador for Access Agriculture, he will promote the use of Access agriculture videos to his network of young farmers through social media channels as well as the community video kiosks in Malawi’s rural areas.
Julius Mwande
holds a bachelor's degree in agriculture from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). He has worked as an agriculture communications officer in Balaka District. Julius has been the founder and managing director of ICT Pro Since 2017 specialising in ICT and electronic devices and appliances in Lilongwe. He believes media and ICT are powerful tools for disseminating messages to enhance the adoption of good agricultural practices and agribusiness in Malawi. Julius aims to promote agroecological knowledge through Access Agriculture videos and other materials.
Moses Kaufa
is a media professional with a bachelor of science degree in mass communication. He has over ten years of experience in audio-visual production, publishing, community and rural development projects management, message development and translations, community mobilization and civic education, community and institutional capacity strengthening, advocacy and social media communication. Currently he is involved in farmer-to-farmer video production, supporting rural development innovations and promoting the dissemination of farmer-to-farmer videos in Malawi. And he is very hopeful to play his role as an Access Agriculture Ambassador.
Patrick Ken Kalonde
obtained a bachelor’s degree in natural resources management (land and water) from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). He co-founded Youth for Environmental Development- working on the issue of marine litter. He is also a co-founder of Bunda Society of Innovators, a university club that act as a platform for nurturing innovations developed by students. He has strong passion to promote sustainable land management, permaculture and sheep farming for which he is proud to be an Access Agriculture Ambassador.
Patrick Khonga
holds a diploma in business management from Continuing Education Centre – Polytechnic. He has worked with an Italian non-governmental organization – CISP as finance manager for eight years. He is the founder and managing director of Chakho Farms Since 2014; specialized in horticulture, poultry, cattle and goat farming which is located in the capital city – Lilongwe, Malawi. He believes sharing agriculture practical experience through farmer to farmer videos is vital, to enhance incoming generating activities in agribusiness.


Sidi Yehia Tounkara
obtained an engineering degree in animal science and also a master’s degree in agricultural extension and rural development from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. He has extensive field work experience in livestock agriculture, including interacting with agro pastoralists. He has previously worked at the Pan Africa Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Eradication Campaign and at the rNational Centre of Agronomics Research of Sotuba. Currently he acts as Technologies Transfer Officer in the TAAT project, Mali. He is confident to use his skills and knowledge as an Access Agriculture Ambassador.


Ibrahim Hamadou
holds a Master's degree in Agroeconomics and Project Management and has more than 20 years of experience in various agricultural projects. He has worked for both national and international organisations in Niger and elsewhere in Africa. As a focal point in Agroecology, Ibrahim works for the promotion of agroecology, so called “neglected crops” and farmer seeds. He has facilitated the establishment of several platforms of exchange in the field of agroecology (RAYA-KARKARA in Niger, COASP, AMAD). By becoming an Ambassador, Ibrahim intends to continue the fight for the promotion of agroecology by bringing the resources of Access Agriculture to farmers, schoolchildren, community organisations, as well as political and governmental actors - all for positive change.


Catherine John
is a final-year student at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, under the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. She serves as the student representative of Nigerian scholars in Hungary for the Federal Government Scholarship Board of Nigeria and the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. Her goal as an Access Agriculture Ambassador is to promote sustainable agriculture and food systems, to young people worldwide, particularly Nigerians, through education. Her desire is to see initiatives that will create programmes, mentorships, and partnerships between small-scale farmers, people interested in agribusiness, and agronomists.
Emmanuel Akinwale
is a fisheries graduate and the founding Operations Director of Aquapro Agro Industry and Alphamate Marketing Communications in Ibadan city Nigeria. He has worked for several large fish farms and companies. He is a graduate of the Entrepreneur Development Centre, South West Center, Ibadan, and the Lagos Business School and an MSc student in Sustainable Aquaculture at the University of St Andrews, UK. Emmanuel belongs to several trade groups and professional associations including the Fisheries Society of Nigeria, British Association of Project Management Professionals and the Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. He is an appointed training facilitator in aquaculture with FILAMAT Institute of Training and a trainer with the Federal Ministry of Niger-Delta on Agriculture skills and empowerment. He voluntarily trains farmers at Vicabels farmers, Olodo Agric Trans Cooperative Society and the Nigeria Joint Farmers Association, responsible for coaching 3000 farmers in value chain developments and poverty alleviation through sustainable agro-marketing and international market access. Emmanuel is a certified licensed Farm Assurer/GAP consultant with GlobalGAP / FoodPLUS. Currently he is consulting for Agroparks Development Company on aquaculture and farm assurance. He has won several awards including Commonwealth Scholar 2019, Dutch Government sponsored Orange Knowledge Scholar 2019, UK Government sponsored Connect Africa Business 2017 and FGN/WorldBank/Youwin 2010.
Ezinne Emeana
holds a PhD in Agroecology and Food Sovereignty from the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University in the UK. Her PhD research focused on sustainable agricultural practices and food systems, and pathways for transitioning to agroecological practices and co-creation of agroecological knowledge and exchange. Prior to her PhD, Ezinne worked as a researcher and an agricultural extension officer at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abuja, Nigeria. Her research works contribute to the understanding of sustainability in the design and development of information communication technology assisted innovative systems that can enhance interactive exchange of agroecological knowledge. Ezinne is presently exploring gender-based violence in agricultural food systems and potential impact on agroecology development in Africa. She is keen to promote the works of Access Agriculture through engaging the grassroots on agroecological practices using knowledge co-creation strategies.
Musa Bitrus Ndahi
is a development professional with 8 years of working experience in community development and agricultural extension. He volunteered with VSO Nigeria from 2013-2020 and with Oxfam as a Field Enumerator. Currently he is working with YMCA Mada Hills/EJW Germany as a Field Officer in the Community-Based Agricultural Services Department. Musa holds a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Economics & Extension and is now a Masters Candidate at Nasarawa State University Keffi, Nigeria assessing the beneficiaries' perception and level of participation in YMCA-Oxfam Village Savings and Loan Associations in Nasarawa State Nigeria. He is also a participant in the “Digital Ethics in Times of Crisis: COVID-19 and Access to Education and Learning Spaces” Research Sprint, hosted by the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University. Musa intends to make use of the Access Agriculture and EcoAgtube platforms to share experiences from a Nigerian perspective of agricultural practices.
Dr. Umaru Garba
teaches Use of English and Communication Skills in the Department of General Studies of the Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic, Sokoto, Nigeria. He holds a BA in English from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, and a Masters and PhD in Teaching English as a Second Language both from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State in Nigeria. He has worked as photojournalist with the Sokoto Newspaper Company and has an ardent passion for organic farming - for this, he has completed various online courses in organic gardening and farming.


Francois Regis Hakizimana
has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences from University of Rwanda. Currently he is working with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) for 3 years as agriculture extension officer, focusing on maize and soybean crops. Prior to that he did an internship on sustainable agriculture at Israel/agro studies for one year and participated in fruit and vegetable growing activities. With his more than five years of experience with national and international organisations, Hakizimana is determined to promote effective agricultural training videos for the benefit of farmers and rural businesses as an Access Agriculture ambassador.
Jeannette Mukabalisa
is the founder and Managing Director of Great Green Gardens Ltd, a farming business focusing on horticulture. She has a first-class honours degree in Rural Development Economics from the University of Rwanda - INES campus. Jeannette has a wealth of experience and expertise in the domain of community development programmes enabling farmers to transform their agricultural activities from subsistence to commercial farming. For more than 10 years Jeanette was the Millennium Villages Community Development Coordinator in Rwanda, before that she worked for 6 years as the Programme Manager for Self Reliance Businesses with the International Rescue Committee. She has helped to establish more than 20 co-operatives for small businesses and contributed to building two civil society organisations in Bugesera District in the East of Rwanda.


Abdoulaye Diop
has a Master's degree in Rural Development and Cooperation from the Gaston Berger University, Senegal. He is a founding member of “Gie Ballal”, an organisation working on organic agriculture and education for healthy eating. Abdoulaye has conducted several training programmes in the field of marketing, particularly in digital marketing. He plans to share Access Agriculture videos through his social media networks including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - and through his relatives!
Ibrahima Camara
is an agroecologist, coach and trainer in the management of agricultural systems. He is in charge of a project for the promotion of modern beekeeping and agroecology. Ibrahima has good experience in popularising good farming practices, support and coaching of youth in agroecology-related careers and integrating them into production systems. He is involved in agroecological transitions, the development of participatory guarantee systems and family farming. He has many contacts among both young and older producers and looks forward to disseminating Access Agriculture's videos and innovations.

South Africa

Kirsty Busisile Ncube
is from South Africa, where she worked in property before deciding to pursue a new career path with studies in Hungary as a Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holder. She is a final year of student in Agriculture Engineering (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences) and is currently working as a Project Intern for the AGROMIX project - analysing policies of Central and Eastern European legacy on agroforestry, as well as researching publications on agroforestry and mixed farming. She was appointed as a 2021 Mentor for Hook Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network and serves as a Committee Member of the South African Women in Hungary Support Group. Her aim as an Access Agriculture ambassador is to restore the attractiveness and cultivate an interest in agriculture to fellow young people, both nationally and internationally, through education, support and initiatives that will create programmes, partnerships and mentorships between current experienced agronomists and young people who want to venture into agribusiness.


Nyamhanga Chacha
holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and agribusiness from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania. Previously he has done an internship at the Private Agricultural Sector Support Trust (PASS) on helping farmers to access market information and financial support from banks. He has also taken part in workshops conducted by Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) and carried out special projects on organic vegetables & spices. Chacha has a keen interest in organic farming & rural development, and is hopeful to be an excellent Access Agriculture Ambassador.


Septime Moussou-Goe
holds a degree in agricultural engineering from the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin. He has 12 years professional experience in advising and supporting rural development. Between 2012 and 2015, Septime coordinated the "Agriculture and Food Security" programme of the international NGO “The Hunger Project” in Benin. Since then he has been contributing, into the ECOWAS Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food, to setting up a regional food security reserve to complement the efforts of countries in the management of food and nutritional crises. Septime is passionate about initiatives to promote and develop agriculture and wants to contribute to the popularisation of the good practices shown on the Access Agriculture platform for a more attractive, productive and sustainable African agriculture.


Christine Nyangoma
has 4 years’ experience in agricultural extension services with various private and non-governmental agriculture and conservation organisations. Currently she is working at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust as a Field Assistant. Christine is dedicated to help Access Agriculture in promoting agroecology and organic farming and strongly supports the distribution of quality farmer training videos through sharing articles and social media platforms and making presentations to the farming communities of Uganda.
Ezra Masolaki
holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and Rural Innovation from Makerere University, Uganda, he has also completed several courses including Management of Rural Employments from the National Institute of Rural Development in Hyderabad, India. Ezra is currently pursuing an MBA (Entrepreneurship) from the Amity University Online in India. In 2018 he founded Tree Resource Enterprises, a social enterprise that was recognised by the World Resources Institute Program of Land Accelerator as one of the companies restoring degraded land and forests in Africa. Ezra has five years’ experience in agriculture extension through his work with Mbale Coalition against Poverty (a World Agroforestry project) and Trees for the Future International projects. He intends to use the opportunity of being an Access Agriculture Ambassador to further extend the productive knowledge of rural women and youth through video sharing with community farmer platforms and social media farmer groups.
Grace Musimami
holds a Bachelor of Environmental Management from Makerere University and a diploma in Journalism. Grace is editor of Farmers Media Newspaper - Uganda's only agricultural newspaper and is a representative on various Boards including Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) and Uganda Forum for Agriculture Advisory Services (UFAAS). He is also President of the Agricultural Journalists Association of Uganda (AJAU) and Secretary General for the Network for Agricultural Journalists in Eastern and Southern Africa. Grace's interest lies in enhancing farmers voices for better livelihoods through good, innovative practices to improve farmer's incomes.
Samuel Omoding
is passionate about agriculture because it has been a major support to his family. He looks forward to becoming a professional farmer who shares agricultural information freely. Samuel is a young farmer who operates small scale enterprises with low costs and using sustainable ways - like the use of indigenous microorganisms (IMO) in his pig enterprise and traditional methods to control crop pests. This allows him to also do extension work with local farmers, with a priority on youth and women. Samuel aims to intensify the sharing of agricultural information from the Access Agriculture and EcoAgtube websites through his social media platforms. He is aiming in 3 years time to procure a smart projector to help him in his extension work to local farmer groups, women associations and youth groups.
Sharon Againe
holds a four year Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences from Earth University, Costa Rica. She has a certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management and Planning for monitoring and Evaluation obtained from Philanthropy University, USA. After her internship at Allegro Coffee Company in the US, she returned to Uganda in 2010 and started up an agribusiness called Agasha Group, which uses information platforms to connect farmers and agribusinesses to their markets, suppliers, partners and service providers. Her firm published the first Agribusiness directories in EastAfrica. Sharon was a member of the Advisory Committee Fund for Rural Prosperity and for Youth Agribusiness Network Africa. She was among the five winners for BiDNetwork Women in Business Competition for Africa, Asia and Latin America 2010. Sharon will promote Access Agriculture training videos through her network on social media; in some of the related projects implemented by her firm; and during the locally organised farmer-to-farm visits.
Ssengo Brian Kigongo
is a graduate of agriculture science and entrepreneurship from Uganda Christian University. He is a food systems analyst and an agriculture extension educator. He is currently studying for a Masters degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics at Makerere University. Brian is passionate about nature and spreading happiness and wants to discourage the use of agrochemicals and GMOs in Uganda. He wants to promote the work of Access Agriculture giving priority to youth and women.


Lamsen Nkhata
is a dedicated natural resources expert with knowledge and experience in environmental management, conservation and sustainable agriculture practices. He graduated with a BSc Agroforestry from the Copperbelt University in Zambia. He is passionate about providing solutions for the improvement of livelihoods and working with communities to provide sustainable solutions that also improve the environment. Lamsen has worked in Israel as an agronomist trainee with various companies, and has been engaged with works that involve community development and food security in Zambia. Through Access Agriculture, Lamsen aims to promote sustainable agriculture training videos and agroforestry practices among smallholder farmers.


Joseph Musara
is a researcher and academic with more than thirteen years of agri-economics experience and a Google Scholar with an h-index of 5. He has developed and scaled-up smallholder sorghum value chains in arid parts of Zimbabwe and Zambia for the economic benefits of households and has understanding and application of a number of methodologies in econometric modeling, rural agricultural marketing, innovation adoption and food security. He believes his skills and competencies can create a positive change as an Access Agriculture ambassador.

Ambassador of the month –
October 2022

These three ambassadors stand out this month with their various and interesting engagements with their networks to give more visibility to what Access Agriculture does.


Awasthi Hitul


 Emmanuel Akinwale


LOKE Victoire 


Awasthi Hitul

Congratulations for winning a Tablet!


AKINWALE Emmanuel 

Congratulations for winning a smart projector!