Why do the videos take a long time to start?

There are two ways of seeing the videos on Access Agriculture, either live on the website through a method called streaming or by downloading the video.  If you have a slow internet connection, through dial-up or non-3G you should be able to see streaming video, but the quality will not be very good.  The videos automatically come up and medium quality for streaming, but you can choose to play Low, High or HD depending on the speed of your connection.

If the streaming is a problem, we suggest you download the video you are interested in for viewing later at good quality

Can I be part of your project?

Access Agriculture is not a project, but if you are involved in agricultural training and have a keen interest in video, please sign up to our Dgroups, Facebook and Twitter accounts to interact with other interested users.  We would like to hear your suggestions for new videos and requests for different language versions of existing videos. 

You can always get in touch with us at: info@accessagriculture.org

Can I upload my own videos?

Videos cannot be uploaded directly to Access Agriculture. Please refer to the Guidelines for submitting a video to see if your video is suitable for Access Agriculture, if not, you can upload it to the EcoAgtube website. Once uploaded on EcoAgtube, your video will not become immediately accessible on the website until approved.

Can Access Agriculture help me buy video equipment?

No, we can’t. Various technical forums exist on the internet and we have some tips in Useful technical information.

Does Access Agriculture give technical advice on video production?

Access Agriculture can help arrange for specific technical assistance and video training courses of various lengths.

Can Access Agriculture share information on market prices?

Our focus is on agricultural training videos. Providing commodity market prices and text-based messages is not part of our portfolio.

Does Access Agriculture provide extension support in formats other than video and audio?

For most videos there is additional information available to download.

What should I do if I would like to get a programme translated into another language?

Please send a request to kevin@accessagriculture.org. If you already have funding we can help you with advice and training courses to do a good job of translation and voice recording. Otherwise we will try to work with you to obtain funding. Consult our Guidelines for translating videos

I do not have access a fast internet connection, how can I see the programmes?

You can either download the programmes from the website or order a DVD from info@accessagriculture.org

How can I find which programmes are in a specific language?

If you select the language name from the dropdown menu you will be able to see which programmes are available in that language. Alternatively if you go to the Global Use section of the website you can check languages available for difference countries and select the language to view the videos available.

What subjects are in the video programmes?

As you can see on the front page we have divided the programmes into 14 key subject areas. Each of these is subdivided, so you can find which subjects are available very quickly.
All videos support small-scale food producers and processors.
Access Agriculture does not encourage the use of pesticides and does not promote GMOs.

How can I get training to improve the videos I produce?

Access Agriculture can help arrange for specific technical assistance and video training courses of various lengths.

Why do you have the audio tracks available for download?

The audio tracks are available for download for use by radio stations. They can then play the soundtrack in their local language in full or choose to play clips as part of programmes on a particular subject. The radio stations can then have a discussion afterwards and even request farmers to call in with questions.

Why do I need to register if I want to download a video or an audio file?

As we are distributing videos which have been made with public money we would like to be able to know where the videos are being used. This will help us also to keep in touch with you and to update you on developments with Access Agriculture. It will also help us to provide feedback to the organisations that have uploaded their videos to help them with their monitoring and evaluation.

Will you do programmes on health issues?

Access Agriculture concentrates on agricultural programmes, but certain nutrition issues are covered by some programmes, please go to the section on Nutrition.

Do you have any tips for improving business skills?

Many of the programmes feature techniques which will help to improve profitability of rural businesses. There are programmes on group dynamics, marketing skills, adding value and storage techniques and more will be added on this important subject area.

Do you have any programmes for women farmers?

We have not got a separate section for women farmers, because many of the programmes feature successful women farmers who can inspire others. Many of the techniques shown will help to improve family incomes.