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Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund


Women and young people are the future and backbone of agricultural development. Promoting agriculture as a business has gained currency in recent times to create more economic value and to encourage youth into agriculture.

Agriculture has been supported by rapid developments in information and communication technologies (ICT). Across developing countries mobile financial services are booming. Likewise, social media and apps help farmers forecast the weather or know about market prices. In this time of COVID-19 these farmers need information they can trust to improve their livelihoods and protect their families.

Access Agriculture is a non-profit organisation that supports the distribution of quality training videos to share practical knowledge on farming and food processing across the global South. Farmers in Latin America, Africa and Asia can learn from their peers on other continents.  

Access Agriculture has developed the concept of Entrepreneurs for Rural Accesswho are either individuals or small teams that use a ‘smart projector’ to develop or expand their businesses around the dissemination of agricultural videos.

By building on the ICT skills and networks of young men and women, we believe we can better support farmers and make organic agriculture more attractive to youth and reach more women.

Frequently asked questions

Access Agriculture will provide you with a smart projector on loan during the project. At the end of the project, and if you have been diligent with its use,  the projector will become your property. Access Agriculture will cover the shipment cost and customs duty. Access Agriculture has a devoted team that will train, coach and support you. They will provide you with advice on the smart projector use and on your business plan. Access Agriculture will also link you to other young entrepreneurs to allow you to share experiences and strengthen or diversify your business plan.

Within 2 months of having received the news of being selected, you will receive the smart projector. Before receiving the smart projector, you will have to attend a physical training where you will learn how to operate the smart projector.

If do not meet the eligibility criteria, or you are not selected as one of the winners, you can contact Digisoft Education (info@digisoft-education.com) to purchase your own smart projector. Leasing is not an option.

No. We are looking for an original business plan from a team of up to 3 people, not one that imitates what others are already doing.

Yes, we encourage you to expand your current activities or services.

You can only be part of one application.

  • Dissertations or academic research
  • Business plans which promote the use of agrochemicals
  • Cost for personnel or travel



How you can help... Your generous donation will enable us to give smallholder farmers better access to agricultural advice in their language.

Call for Proposals


Can you come up with a business plan to screen agricultural videos for local farmers?

Are you based in Miandrivazo, Mahabo, Morondava?



Can you come up with a business plan to screen agricultural videos for local farmers?

Are you based in Buikwe, Bugiri, Sembabule, Lira and Soroti?



Can you come up with a business plan to screen agricultural videos for local farmers?

Are you based in Bafata, Gabu & Quinara?


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