Video distribution

3GP files      DVD compilations and translations

Access Agriculture works with a large network of extension and communication professionals and enterprises to encourage and promote the distribution of videos in local languages. We can help you develop a strategy to significantly enhance impact at farmers’ level. This can include preloading videos onto laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Smart Projectors

The smart projector contains all of the Access Agriculture videos available to play off-line, off-grid and off mobile signal. It comes complete with a solar panel unit, 2 batteries and a sound system suitable for up to 150 people – all in one backpack.

The projector operates like an off-line version of the website with videos being chosen by category or language. This content is regularly updated.

A video about the smart projector can be seen here: Play smart… with the DCS smart projector

If you would like to purchase one, and for further information, please contact:

3GP files for mobile use

In many countries farmers have been requesting small video files that can be played on basic mobile phone handsets. These files are now available for download from each video page on this website.

DVD compilations and translations

Any DVD has all videos in either English or French, and can contain up to 7 other languages.

DVD labels are adjusted for each client, and will include your logo on the back cover.

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You will find on the Impact studies page a number of examples of the effectiveness of DVD’s.

DVD 1. Fighting striga and improving soil fertility

Video modules:

  1. Striga biology
  2. Integrated approach against striga
  3. Succeed with seeds
  4. Composting to beat striga
  5. Micro-dosing
  6. Animals and trees for a better crop
  7. Storing cowpea seed
  8. Grow row by row
  9. Joining hands against striga
  10. Let’s talk money

DVD 2. Rice Advice

Video modules:

  1. Seed sorting
  2. Seed flotation
  3. Seed drying
  4. Seed preservation
  5. Land preparation
  6. Seedbed
  7. Transplanting
  8. Weed management
  9. Soil fertility
  10. Improving rice quality
  11. Rice parboiling

DVD 3. Sesame

Video modules:

  1. Maintaining varietal purity of sesame
  2. Row planting of sesame
  3. Harvesting and storing sesame

DVD 4. Sustainable Land Management

Video modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Stone Lines
  3. Fanya juu terraces
  4. Grevillea agroforestry
  5. Road runoff harvesting
  6. Zero-grazing & biogas
  7. Zaï planting pits
  8. Demi-lunes
  9. Parkland agroforestry
  10. Soil fertility management
  11. Farmer-managed natural regeneration
  12. Farmers & pastoralists
  13. Conservation agriculture

DVD 5. Chilli

Video modules:

  1. Making a chilli seedbed
  2. Managing nematodes in vegetables
  3. Insect nets in seedbeds
  4. Transplanting chillies
  5. Harvesting, drying and storing chillies
  6. Solar drying of chillies
  7. Making chilli powder

DVD 6. Onions

Video modules:

  1. Making more money from onions
  2. The onion nursery 
  3. Installing an onion field
  4. Growing onions in fertile soil
  5. Managing onion diseases
  6. Onion harvest and storage

DVD 7. Soya

Video modules:

  1. Soil fertility in Africa
  2. Soya sowing density
  3. Harvesting and storing soya bean seed
  4. Making soya cheese

DVD 8. Maize

Video modules:

  1. Soil fertility in Africa
  2. Reviving soils with mucuna
  3. Let's produce more maize
  4. Beans as relay crop
  5. Maize tar spot (for Latin America only)
  6. Bending over the maize
  7. Let's store our maize well

DVD 9. Cassava

Video modules:

  1. Growing cassava on poor soils 
  2. Reviving soils with mucuna
  3. Growing cassava on sloping land
  4. Grass strips against soil erosion
  5. Managing mealybugs in cassava
  6. Cassava mosaic virus

DVD 10. Managing fruit flies

Video modules:

  1. Integrated approach against fruit flies
  2. Collecting fallen fruit to control fruit flies
  3. Killing fruit flies with food baits
  4. Mass trapping of fruit flies
  5. Weaver ants against fruit flies
  6. Promoting weaver ants in your orchard

DVD 11. Making Money

Video modules:

  1. Making soya cheese
  2. Taking care of local chickens
  3. Feeding dairy goats
  4. Preparing cashew apple juice
  5. Solar drying pineapples
  6. Solar drying of kale leaves
  7. Making chilli powder
  8. Growing oyster mushrooms
  9. Making yoghurt

DVD 12. Chickens

Video modules:

  1. Making a business from home raised chicks
  2. Working together for healthy chicks
  3. Taking care of local chickens
  4. Feeding improved chickens

DVD 13. Rabbits

Video modules:

  1. Rabbit house construction
  2. Feeding rabbits
  3. Breeding rabbits
  4. Taking care of young rabbits
  5. Monitoring for profitable rabbit breeding
  6. Preventing diseases in rabbits
  7. Making rabbit sausages

DVD 14. Milk as a business

Video modules:

  1. Keeping milk clean and fresh
  2. Taking milk to the collection centre
  3. Managing cattle ticks
  4. Keeping milk free from antibiotics
  5. Pure milk is good milk

DVD 15. Dates, donkeys and chicks

Video modules:

  1. Date palm management
  2. Date palm IPM
  3. Fighting the red palm weevil
  4. Pressing dates 
  5. Establishing quality seedlings
  6. Preventing fly-borne illness in donkeys and horses
  7. Working together for healthy chicks
  8. Making a business from home raised chicks

DVD 16. Coffee

Video modules:

  1. Coffee: picking & drying
  2. Coffee: stumping & pruning
  3. Coffee: group organisation

DVD 17. Health and nutrition

Video modules:

  1. Soya sowing density
  2. Harvesting and storing soya bean seed
  3. Making soya cheese
  4. Making yoghurt
  5. Making banana flour
  6. Turning honey into money
  7. Solar drying of kale leaves
  8. Enriched porridge
  9. Helping women recover after childbirth

DVD 18. Water and soil fertility

Video modules:

  1. Drip irrigation for tomato
  2. Contour bunds
  3. Grass strips against soil erosion
  4. Grow more, earn more
  5. The wonder of earthworms
  6. Using human urine as fertilizer
  7. Urea deep placement
  8. Till less to harvest more

DVD 19. Fruit

Video modules:

  1. Intercropping pineapples with bananas and beans
  2. Solar drying of pineapples
  3. Staking and pruning passion fruit
  4. Weaver ants against fruit flies
  5. Promoting weaver ants in your orchard
  6. Controlling banana weevils
  7. Making banana flour
  8. Preparing cashew apple juice

DVD 20. WOCAT Sustainable Land Management

Video modules:

  1. Conservation Agriculture
  2. Riparian Zone Protection
  3. Self Help Group
  4. Water Resources Users Association
  5. Stone Lines

Additional available videos that can be translated and compiled onto a DVD

Vision becomes reality

Women in extension

Staking climbing beans

Fish for food, food for fish

Feeding grasscutters

Feeding snails

Quail housing