Why should you donate to Access Agriculture?

Millions of smallholder farmers in the South play a crucial role in feeding our planet. Yet many are deprived from access to relevant advice in a language they understand. Your generous donation will enable us to give them better access to agricultural advice to improve their farming, food processing and marketing in a sustainable way. We share techniques combining science and local knowledge crossing barriers of lands, sea and language, inspiring and empowering farmers and rural communities worldwide.

Give wings to women entrepreneurs in rural India

Help us in raising funds for our current campaign to empower six dynamic young women entrepreneurs, who will introduce new ideas and bring about a positive change in the lives of 3000 women farmers in southern India, who have been badly hit by climate change and COVID-19. 

You can support our work in four ways

Donate to our Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund

Your donations into the Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund will be fully used to support young entrepreneurs who will make a business from bringing videos to farmers. Based on the amount of money we raise we will fund a certain number of promising initiatives.

Donate to our Global Translation Fund

By donating to our Global Translation Fund we can make more training videos available in the local language's farmers understand. By doing so, you help to keep local languages and culture alive, both now and for the future.

Sponsor our free services

Donate 5,000 Euro or more to sustain our farmers' knowledge platform. Any money raised in surplus of what is required will be used for the Global Translation Fund or the Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund. Logos of all sponsors will be listed.

Contribute in-kind with your expertise

If you or your organisation have a specific expertise or service that would be of assistance in our work, then sponsorship is also possible through significant in-kind contributions.

For further questions, please contact us at: info@accessagriculture.org

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Your donation will be used for the Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund

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