Access Agriculture videos boost farmer training

Technoserve is using Access Agriculture videos in a Mobile Training Unit in Kenya. A three year project is showing training videos to farmers in North Rift Valley. Among the videos which have been catching farmer's attention are the series on Sustainable Land Management. At the launch event the programme on Conservation Agriculture http://www.accessagriculture.orgnode/913/en fostered a lot of interest. One of the farmers said, "I wish to urge everyone in our village to atend this video shows next time they come to our village. For us today we have gone to Zambia and saw what farmers are doing there. What we have learned is that we do not have to burn the maize stalks after harvesting as we have always done here.”

Among the conversation points for the farmers were:

-    New farming techniques
-    No need to burn maize stalks after harvesting as it helps in enhancing soil fertility
-    Importance of intercropping

Technoserve is now exploring the Access Agriculture website to select other suitable videos to help farmers in their target counties. 

The Mobile Training Unit has two giant LCD screens, a speaker system, awnings and chairs for up to 100 people.