A beautiful experience with a service that promotes sustainable agricultural practices: Why it is worth celebrating

Author: Maliki Agnoro

Guest blog dedicated to Access Agriculture 10th Anniversary

It is no secret that a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why I am taking this shortcut to show to you some of our best experiences of using training videos from Access Agriculture (www.accessagriculture.org), which is the leading platform for promotion of sustainable agricultural practices.

This great experience has not only been beneficial to me both personally and professionally, but also to a large number of people who follow me via social networks. Besides agriculture, the videos cover subjects, like post-harvest, marketing and processing, which add extra income to farming households.

Access Agriculture is celebrating 10 years of dedicated service. The organisation is rich in creativity and innovation and helps us to make enormous progress in improving the well-being of our farmers, especially youth and women, by enabling free access to quality training videos that contribute to healthier and more resilient food systems.

This magnificent journey of Access Agriculture deserves recognition and gratitude. Therefore, I encourage each of one of us to continue to spread the word about its videos with more commitment and efficiency in order to help more farmers transition towards agroecology and organic farming.

My aim is to promote effective agricultural training for farmers and rural businesses through online and traditional methods using Access Agriculture videos. However, our major challenge is the high cost of internet connections for most of our clients.

We hope that our governments could be persuaded to subsidise Internet connections so that more people can have the same opportunity as some of us to benefit from Access Agriculture’s wonderful videos.