Cutting edge agroecology

Author: Jeff Bentley
Photos by : Harini Kumarakurubaran

Governments are often friendlier to corporate farming than to agroecology, so the Andhra Pradesh Community managed Natural Farming (AP-CNF), formerly known as AP ZBNF, programme in India is a breath of fresh air. As AP-CNF says on its website, the programme “is based on the latest scientific discoveries in Agriculture, and, at the same time it is rooted in Indian tradition.” AP-CNF is striving to reach six million farmers.

AP-CNF adds no chemicals or other external inputs to the farm, hence there is “zero budget” for these purchases. Crops are kept healthy with intercropping, border crops, mulching and locally available products like cow dung and urine. The cash thus saved increases profits, while improving soil fertility and making crops more resilient in the face of climate change.

So, we at Access Agriculture are delighted to present AP-CNF with 10 highly relevant farmer training videos into the state language of Andhra Pradesh: Telugu, which is spoken by 70 million people. The topics translated include: growing vegetables; growing azolla for feed; hydroponic fodder; natural ways to manage plant diseases; keeping soils healthy and natural ways to manage the devasting fall armyworm.

Programmes like AP-CNF, at the cutting edge of agroecology, realize the importance of videos for reaching large numbers of people. Through the Access Agriculture videos, the farmers of Andhra Pradesh can now learn from farmers elsewhere in India, and in other countries, in their native language, Telegu. Videos are crucial for anyone who aims to reach millions of farmers with the scientifically sound ideas of agroecology.

Watch the videos below in Telugu.
English, French and other language options can be selected below each video screen.

Using sack mounds to grow vegetables

Compost from rice straw

Good microbes for plants and soil

Hydroponic fodder

Growing azolla for feed

Managing aflatoxins in groundnuts during drying and storage

Managing tomato late blight

Root and stem rot in groundnut

Better seed for green gram

Killing fall armyworms naturally